Kansas City Royals Trivia

Kansas City Royals Trivia

(presented August 2008)

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1. The Kansas City Royals began play in the American League in 1969. Name the current National League clubs that also began play in 1969.

San Diego, Washington (Montreal), Milwaukee (Seattle – AL)

2. Which current major league manager was AL Rookie of the Year for Kansas City in their inaugural season? Lou Piniella
3. Name the other current major league manager(s) that played for the Royals. Clint Hurdle, COL, Bud Black, SD, Bob Melvin, ARI
4. In what year did the Royals have their first winning season?  Bonus:  What was their record? 1971, 85-76
5. On August 17, 1976, Hall-of-Famer George Brett became the only Royals player to accomplish this feat.  What did he do? Game ending steal of home

Diminutive (5’5") former Royals shortstop Fred Patek had a game to remember while playing for the Angels on June 20, 1980.  What did Patek do?

A. Went 5 for 5 including a cycle.
B. Completed an unassisted triple play.
C. Stole five bases.
D. Hit three homeruns.

D.  Patek hit three homeruns on June 20, 1980 at Fenway Park as a member of the California Angels.
7. The Royals have participated in two World Series.  Name the Royals manager and opponent for each. Jim Frey, Philadelphia (1980) and Dick Howser, St. Louis (1985)

Which of these players did NOT play for the Royals?

A. Gaylord Perry
B. Vida Blue
C. Kirk Gibson
D. Bert Blyleven
E. Willie Mays
F. Willie Mays Aikens
G. Willie Mays Hayes
H. Bill Buckner
I. Orlando Cepeda
J. Harmon Killebrew
K. Julio Franco
L. Bob Boone

D (Blyleven)

E (Mays)

G (Hayes)

K (Franco)

9. The starting shortstop for the Royals first World Series team was U. L. Washington.  What did the initials "U. L." stand for?  Bonus:  What unusual habit did Washington have? Nothing.  Washington kept a toothpick in his mouth while playing.
10. Name the Royals pitcher who threw two no-hitters in his relatively brief career.  Steve Busby
11. Kansas City had three consecutive dismal seasons from 2004-2006.  How many total games did they lose during those seasons. 310
12. Name the current Royals player that was selected as the collegiate player of the year and the Baseball America minor league player of the year the following season. Alex Gordon
13. List the four uniform numbers retired by the Royals. 5 – George Brett, 10 – Dick Howser, 20 -Frank White, 42 -Jackie Robinson
14. The Royals have been affiliated with just one AAA franchise during their history.  In what stadium does the Royals’ AAA franchise play their home games? Rosenblatt Stadium
15. Who was the Royals head groundskeeper during the years that Kauffman Stadium had an artificial turf surface? George Toma
16. What was George Brett’s final batting average in 1980; the season in which he flirted with batting .400? .390
17. What Royals player was named MVP of the 1989 All-Star game? Bo Jackson
18. List the Royals Cy Young Award winners.  Bonus: What year(s)? Bret Saberhagen (1985, 1989), David Cone (1994)
19. List the Royals MVP Award winners.  Bonus:  What year(s)? George Brett, (1980)
20. Former Royals speedster Willie Wilson holds the record for most inside-the-park homeruns for a player playing since 1950.  How many did hit? 13
21. Which pitcher was a 20-game winner three times during his Royals’ career? Dennis Leonard



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