This page lists recent publications by SABR Rogers Hornsby Chapter members.  Articles in SABR Journals and books authored by chapter members are included.  

SABR Journals are gradually being digitized.  Those that are currently avaiable are at the following link: 

In the meantime, as Casey Stengel was fond of saying, "You can look it up!"


"Memories of  Minor-League Traveler", Norman Macht, SABR 40, The National Pastime, 2010


"Washington in 1887", Norman Macht, SABR 39, The National Pastime, 2009

"Washington Nicknames", Norman Macht, The National Pastime

"Does Baseball Deserve This Black Eye?  A Dissent from the Universal Casting of Shame and Blame on Kenesaw Mountain Landis for Baseball’s Failure to Sign Black Players Before 1946", Norman Macht, Baseball Research Journal – Summer 2009


Change Up – An Oral History of 8 Key Events that Shaped Modern Baseball, Burke, Fornatale, with Jim Baker, Rodale

"Bullpen Cy Young Awards – When and Why Do Relievers Win It?", Monte Cely, Baseball Research Journal Vol. 37


"Stolen Victories – Daring Dashes That Send the Fans Home Happy", Jan Larson, Baseball Research Journal Vol. 36

Connie Mack and the Early Years of Baseball, Norman Macht, University of Nebraska Press

"The Night Elrod Pitched" and "Johnny Vander Meer on Pete Rose", Norman Macht, National Pastime Vol. 27


"Salary Arbitration: Burden or Benefit?", Bill Gilbert, Baseball Research Journal Vol. 35

"Are Balanced Teams More Successful?", Cyril Morong, BRJ Vol. 35

"The Cy Young Award, Individual or Team Recognition?", Monte Cely, BRJ Vol. 35

"Browns Play Pete Gray", Jim Baker in Rob Neyer’s Big Book of Baseball Blunders, Fireside


Baseball in the Lone Star State, the Texas League’s Greatest Hits, Tom Kayser and D. King, Trinity University Press

"Has Greg Maddux Employed the "Bagwell Gambit" in His Career?’, Cyril Morong, Baseball Research Journal Vol. 34


"Historical Trends in Home-Field Advantage", Cyril Morong, Baseball Research Journal Vol. 32


"RBI, Opportunities, and Power Hitting", Cyril Morong, Baseball Research Journal Vol. 31


"Bibb Falk: The Player Who Filled the Shoes of Shoeless Joe Jackson", Charles Kaufman, National Pastime





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