Stolen Victories

“Stolen Victories” is a Powerpoint presentation given by Jan Larson at the January 2008 winter meeting of the Rogers Hornsby Chapter.

You can download the presentation for viewing on your computer: Steals of Home.

Jan can be reached at

Author’s notes:

In the “Stolen Victories” presentation, the 35 game ending (“walk off”) steals of home that have occurred in the American and National Leagues since the founding of the American League in 1901 are documented.

The author’s motivation to pursue this research project and the research methodology are described.

Interesting tidbits of trivia regarding the players that stole and the pitchers stolen upon are included along with an explanation of why one of the 35 game ending steals has an asterisk (at least in the author’s opinion).

Finally, all those SABR members who assisted with the research and/or were consulted on the project are listed.

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