200-Hit Seasons

200 Hit Seasons

(presented Sept. 18, 2007)

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1. Since 1900, who has the most 200-hit seasons, and how many did he have (or has he had)?

Pete Rose (10)


Since 1900, who has the most consecutive 200-hit seasons, and how long was the streak?

Wade Boggs (7) and Ichiro Suzuki (7)



Going into the 2007 campaign, two players had consecutive 200-hit season streaks going. Hint: one of them reached the 200 plateau already; the other is close but might not make it.

Ichiro Suzuki (7) and Michael Young (4)


Only eight players since 1900 have seven or more seasons of 200 hits. Who are they?

Wade Boggs (7)

Ty Cobb (9)

Lou Gehrig (8)

Charlie Gehringer (7)

Rogers Hornsby (7)

Pete Rose (10)

Ichiro Suzuki (7)

Paul Waner (8)


Through 2006, how many times has a player reached 200 hits in a season and how many different players have reached that mark in a season?

461 times by 226 different players


Name the only Houston Astros player to reach the 200-hit plateau in a season.

Craig Biggio (1998)


Of the current lineup of MLB teams, only three teams have never had a player garner 200 hits in a season. One of them is the Washington Nationals, which hasn’t done it in their two-season existence (but several players reached the plateau for the Montreal Expos). Name the two other teams.

Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Devil Rays


The New York Mets and the Florida Marlins have each had only one player reach 200 hits. Name them.

Mets: Lance Johnson (1996)

Marlins: Juan Pierre (2003 and 2004)


Of all the 200-hit seasons since 1900, name the player that had the most at-bats at the end of the season (705).

Willie Wilson (1980)


Name the player that achieved at least 200 hits in a season and did it in the fewest number of at-bats (504) since 1900.

Rogers Hornsby



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