Major League Ballparks

Major League Ballparks

(presented April 2009)

“You should enter a ballpark the way you enter a church.” – Bill “Spaceman” Lee

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1. Fenway Park is the oldest ballpark in the American League.  Now that there is a new Yankee Stadium, what is the 2nd oldest AL ballpark?  Name the ballpark (2 pts) and city (1 pt).

Angels Stadium, Anaheim or – Anaheim Stadium, or Big A. (Opened in 1966).

2. This was the site of major league baseball’s first night game. Ballpark (2 pts) and city (1pt). 
Crosley Field, Cincinnati.  (May 24, 1935.  The Reds beat the Phillies 2-1).
3. The first regular season AL/NL interleague game was played at this ballpark. Name the ballpark (2 pts). Ballpark in Arlington (June 12, 1997.  Giants beat the Rangers 4-3).
4. This is the only current major league stadium with a dirt track between home plate and the pitcher’s mound. Also, 2nd highest elevation for a major league stadium.  Name the ballpark (2 pts) and city (1 pt). Chase Field or Bank One Ballpark or the BOB, Phoenix

5. Dave Winfield was arrested after a game for killing a seagull with a warm-up throw in the outfield.  At what ballpark did this take place? Exhibition Stadium, Toronto

The Detroit Tigers changed the name of their home ballpark to Tiger Stadium in1961.  Before then, this ballpark was known as ______________ (1938-1960); and, before that it was known as ______________ (1912- 1937).

Briggs Stadium, Navin Field

7th Inning Stretch
Match the phrase that is associated with the ballpark (1 pt. each)

1. Big Apple                                 A. Fenway Park   
2. Bleacher Bums                        B. Fulton County Stadium
3. Coogan’s Bluff                         C. HHH Metrodome
4. Green Monster                         D. Miller Park
5. The House that Ruth Built        E. Minute Maid Park
6. The Launching Pad                  F. Municipal Stadium
                   7. Mistake by the Lake                G. Polo Grounds    
8. Sausage races                        H. Shea Stadium
9. Tal’s Hill                                    I. Wrigley Field
10. Thunderdome                        J. Yankee Stadium      

1-H, 2-I, 3-G, 4-A, 5-J, 6-B, 7-F, 8-D, 9-E, 10-C

This former NL ballpark currently resides in Gomez Palacio, Mexico and is used as a Mexican League stadium.  What is the original name (2 pts) and location (1 pt) of this ballpark?

Colt Stadium, Houston – (moved to Mexico in 1971)

9. The Florida Marlins played two games at this ballpark in 2004, because of Hurricane Ivan in Miami.  Name ballpark (2 pts) and city (1 pt). US Cellular Field or Comiskey Park, Chicago.
10. The record for the largest regular season attendance (4,483,350) was set in this ballpark.  Name the ballpark (2pts) and city (1 pt) Mile High Stadium, Denver (1993)
11. This ballpark was the scene of the following events: 56th game of DiMaggio’s hit streak; Babe Ruth’s 500th home run; first World Series unassisted triple play.  Name the ballpark (2 pts) and city (1pt).
League Park, Cleveland.
12. The scene of the first NL-AL World Series game in 1903.  Name ballpark (2 pts) and city (1 pt).
Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds, Boston
13. Olympic Games baseball competition has been played at these two major league ballparks.
Dodger Stadium (1984) and Atlanta Fulton-County Stadium (1996).  Baseball was also a demonstration sport in 1904 at St. Louis Olympics, but found no record of where games were played.
14. 14th inning stretch…..
Match the team with the ballpark (1 pt. each)
Note: There is only one answer for each ballpark

1. Baker Bowl A. Arizona Diamondbacks (2006-present)
2. Chase Field
B. Baltimore Orioles (1954-1991)
3. Exposition Park
C. Brooklyn Bridegrooms (1898-1912)
4. Hilltop Park D. Chicago Cubs (1916-18)
5. Jarry Park
E. Cincinnati Reds (1902-1911)
6. Sicks’ Stadium
F. Cleveland Indians (1901-1932)
7. Wrigley Field
G. Florida Marlins (1987-1996)
8. Memorial Stadium
H. Kansas City Athletics (1955-1967)
9. Municipal Stadium
I. Los Angeles Angels (1961)
10. Network Assoc. Coliseum
J. Montreal Expos (1969-1976)
11. Palace of the Fans
K. New York Yankees (1903-1912)
12. Robison Field
L. Oakland A’s (1998-2004)
13. Rogers Centre
M. Philadelphia Athletics (1909-1954)
14. SBC Park
N. Philadelphia Phillies (1895-1938)
15. Shibe Park
O. Pittsburgh Pirates (1891-1909)
16. Joe Robbie Stadium
P. San Francisco Giants (2004-2006)
17. Sportsman’s Park
Q. Seattle Pilots (1969)
18. Washington Park
R. St. Louis Browns (1902-1953)
19. Weeghman Park
S. St. Louis Cardinals (1893-1920)
20. League Park
T. Toronto Blue Jays (1989-present)

1-N, 2-A, 3-O, 4-K, 5-J, 6-Q, 7-I, 8-B, 9-H, 10-L,
11-E, 12-S, 13-T, 14-P, 15-M, 16-G, 17-R, 18-C, 19-D, 20-F
15. The 1950’s TV show Home Run Derby was filmed at this ballpark.  Name the ballpark (2 pts) and city (1 pt). Wrigley Field, Los Angeles
16. In 1945, the home team hit only one home run in their home ballpark, and that was an inside-the-park homer.  Name the ballpark (2 pts) and city (1 pt). Griffith Stadium, Washington DC, (HR by Joe Kuhel)
17. The championship game of the first World Baseball Classic was played at this ballpark.
PETCO Park, San Diego. (Japan beat Cuba 10-6 in March 2006).
18. The first major league game played on the West Coast was at this ballpark.  Name ballpark (2pts) and city (1 pt). Seals Stadium, San Francisco. (April 15, 1958. Giants-8, Dodgers-0)
19. Where Babe Ruth hit home runs 712, 713, and 714, all in the same game; and, no no-hitter was ever pitched here. Name the ballpark (2 pts) and city (1 pt). Forbes Field, Pittsburgh. (May 25, 1935.  Ruth was member of Boston Braves; his final game was May 30.)
20. The first ballpark with a screen behind home plate, designed to protect fans and allow foul balls to roll back down onto the field of play. Fenway Park
21. In 1984, Dave Kingman hit a ball through the roof of this stadium, and was (incorrectly) credited with a double.
Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. (May 4, 1984, Twins vs. A’s.)
22. The site of the first World Series night game was _____________.
Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh (1971)
23. The first regular season Negro League game was played here in 1930; as well as the last Negro League All-Star game ever played, in 1961. Yankee Stadium
24. This NL ballpark features a garden in the home dugout that is maintained by the pitching staff.
Coors Field
25. The Final (Bail) Out (tiebreaker, if needed)
Name the teams who sold their ballpark naming rights to these financial institutions. (1 pt each)
PNC Financial               
Citizens Bank               
Ameriquest Mortgage           
Citi Group               
JP Morgan Chase           

Pittsburgh Pirates

Philadelphia Phillies

Texas Rangers

New York Mets

Arizona Diamondbacks

Total possible points: 88, including tiebreaker
This quiz could not have been completed without the assistance of Green Cathedrals by Philip J. Lowry (SABR, 2006).



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