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Nine Questions

(presented November 2008)

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1. Who are the two players that have hit home runs in the major leagues as both as teenagers and 40-year olds? Hint:  Their names rhyme. (Submitted by Bill Gilbert)

Ty Cobb and Rusty Staub

2. Name the only pitcher to homer as a pinch hitter in his first major league at bat. (Submitted by Jan Larson) Gene Stechschulte, St. Louis, 4/17/2001. He hit a home run on the first pitch and it was the only home run of his major league career.
3. How does a team get 3 triples, a double, 2 singles, and 2 steals in one inning and NOT score? (Submitted by Michael Bass)

1 – Triple, runner thrown out at home (1 out)

2 – Triple, runner picked off third (2 outs)

3 – Double

4 – Infield single, runner holds

5 – Double steal, runners to second and third.

6 – Infield single, runners hold

7 – Ball hit out of the park, runners congregate at home, batter-runner touches home before any of them, called out.  Scored a triple (3 outs).

0 runs, 6 hits, 0 errors, 3 left on base

4. Who is the only pitcher to lose 20 games for a pennant-winning team? (Submitted by Norman Macht) George Mullin 1907 Detroit Tigers
5. Who are the seven players who have 150 or more RBIs in a season since 1995? One of them has done it twice. (Submitted by Jeff Petry)

(a) Andres Galarraga (150 in 1996)

(b)  Albert Belle (152 in 1998)

(c)  Juan Gonzalez (157 in 1998)

(d) Sammy Sosa (158 in 1998)

(e) Manny Ramirez (165 in 1999)

(f) Sammy Sosa (160 in 2001)

(g) Miguel Tejada (150 in 2004) 

(h) Alex Rodriguez (156 in 2007)


Since 1947, only one player has hit more than 50 home runs and struck out fewer than 50 times in one season. Name the player. (Submitted by Chuck Kaufman)

Johnny Mize, 51 home runs and 42 strikeouts in 1947.
7. Name the Cubs’ pitcher who was on the mound when Chicago turned all three of its triple plays during the 1965 season. (Submitted by Dan Walsh) Bill Faul

Which three players hold the record for the most consecutive years as teammates? (Submitted by Tom Wancho)

George Brett, Hal McRae, Frank White, Kansas City Royals (1973-1987)


World Series games were played in this ballpark for three years in a row, but
the home team was in only two of those World Series. 

Name the ballpark

Name the years played

Name the teams in each World Series

(Submitted by Norman Macht)

Comiskey Park:

1917 White Sox-Giants

1918 Cubs-Red Sox

1919 White Sox-Reds



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