St. Louis Cardinals Nicknames – and Other St.L Trivia

St. Louis Cardinals Nicknames

and Other St. Louis Baseball Trivia

(presented October, 2008)

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He retired after the 1963 season and, after 46 years, is still voted the greatest Cardinal of them all.


Stan "the Man" Musial

2. Skipper of the Cards’ first World Series winner Roger "Rajah" Hornsby
3. Cardinals pitcher that hit a home run in that first World Series. Jesse "Pop" Haines
4. Manager of the Gas House Gang and an early baseball "college boy" Frankie "the Fordham Flash" Frisch
5. This shortstop and NL MVP was tall and slender. Marty "Slats" Marion

This outfielder and Hall-of-Famer hailed from rural Roxboro, NC.  He’s best known for his World Series "mad dash for home".

Enos "Country" Slaughter
7. This Cards executive did not attend ballgames on Sundays.  He had two popular nicknames, one derogatory and one complimentary. Branch Rickey "El Cheapo" "Mahatma"

This second baseman (1938-42) had a sinister look.

Frank "Creepy" Crespi

9. This Hall of Fame pitcher from the 1930s had one famous nickname but was uncertain about his real given names (he used two versions) "Dizzy" Dean, he used given names Jay Hanna and Jerome
10. When his brother promised that they’d win 45 games that season, this Cards pitcher responded, "If you’ll win 30, I’ll take care of the rest." Paul "Daffy" Dean
11. This Gas House Gang third baseman/outfielder had two nicknames reflecting his daring base running. John Roosevelt "Pepper" "Wild Horse of the Osage" Martin
12. This Cardinals third baseman played in four 1940s World Series and was a hitting star against the Red Sox. George "Whitey" Kurowski
13. The last NL triple crown winner, this Cardinals outfielder had two nicknames, reflecting his funny running style and his physique. Joe "Ducky" "Muscles" Medwick
14. This St. Louis native was the Cards’ broadcaster from 1945 to 1969.  He changed his last name to make it look "less Italian". Harry Caray was born Harry Carabina
15. This Cards pitcher was also a professional basketball player. Bob "Hoot" Gibson
16. This current Cards coach and former infielder played all nine positions in each of two seasons. Jose "the Secret Weapon" Oquendo


Since the current MVP award was established in 1931, Cardinals players have won it 16 times.  Name them and the year.

Frisch ’31, Dean ’34, Medwick ’37, M.Cooper ’42, Musial ’43,’46,’48 , Marion ’44, Boyer ’64, Cepeda ’67, Gibson ’68, Torre ’71, K.Hernandez ’79, McGee ’85, Pujols ’05,’08 
18. Name the 10 years when the Cardinals won the World Series (tops in the NL), name the opponent in each. ’26-Yankees, ’31-A’s, ’34-Tigers, ’42-Yankees, ’44-Browns, ’46 Red Sox, ’64- Yankees, ’67-Red Sox, ’82-Brewers, ’06-Tigers 
19. Besides the Cardinals, what two other St. Louis baseball teams won 20th Century major league pennants?  Name the year(s).

Browns won 1944 AL pennant

Terriers tied for 1915 Federal League pennant



The Cardinals sported the major leagues’ first woman owner.  Who was she?


Helene Britton

21. In 1938, the Cards had the first Latino manager.  Who was he? Miguel "Mike" Gonzalez from Cuba
22. When asked about attendance for Jackie Robinson’s first visit to St. Louis in 1947, Cards owner Sam Breadon allegedly remarked, "I’m concerned about how the fans might react.  I’m also worried about the possibility of a strike."  What strike was he referring to? There was a potential streetcar workers strike during the Dodgers’ first visit to St. Louis.


Stan Musial retired with 475 home runs.  Studies have shown he might have hit over 600 home runs if the Sportsman’s Park right field pavilion screen would’ve been removed during the 1940s and early ’50s.  Why didn’t the Cardinals take it down?


The Browns owned Sportsman’s Park; the Cards were tenants.

24. Where did the Cardinals go for spring training in 1905? Marlin, Texas
25. This Cardinals pitcher was the first reliever to ever receive a vote for the Cy Young Award. Lindy McDaniel
26. This Cards catcher had a "walk off" steal of home. Glenn Brummer


Who was the winning pitcher in Game One of the 2006 World Series?


Anthony Reyes

28. Who was the winning pitcher in the deciding Game Five of the 2006 WS? Jeff Weaver



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