Strange Injuries

Strange Injuries

(presented July 2009)

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1. This year Joey Votto, Dontrelle Willis and Khalil Greene were all placed on the DL for this ailment. What malady did they share?


2. Since the late 1980s, MLB has had the 15 day and 60 day disabled lists. Prior to that, there was the ______ day and the _____ day disabled lists. 10-day and 21-day
3. As of July 19, 2009, which NL team had the most players on the DL? How many players did they have on the DL? San Diego Padres – 10 players
4. As of July 19, 2009, which AL team had the most players on the DL? How many players did they have on the DL? Toronto Blue Jays – 7 players

Match the player with the injury that landed him on the DL.

1. Mickey Tettleton

2. Oliver Perez

3. Mike Remlinger

4. Steve Sparks

5. Ryan Dempster

6. Clint Barnes

7. Brent Mayne

8. Sammy Sosa

A. Dislocated shoulder trying to tear a phone book in half.

B. Wrenched his back while turning his head to check traffic as he crossed the street.

C. Caught his big toe on the dugout trailing trying to go onto the field to celebrate a victory.

D. Athlete’s foot for tying his shoes too tight.

E. Violent sneeze landed him on the DL.

F. Injured his toe kicking a laundry cart in the visitor’s clubhouse.

G. Caught his left pinky in a clubhouse recliner.

H. Stumbled on steps and broke his collarbone carrying a heavy package of venison meat.


1-D; 2-F; 3-G, 4-A; 5-C; 6-H; 7-B; 8-E

Hall of Famers have spent time the DL, too. Match the player with the injury.

1. Wade Boggs

2. George Brett

3. Tony Gwynn

4. Paul Molitor

A. Dislocated a knuckle when it got stuck in another.

B. Injured his back while putting on cowboy boots.

C. Broke his toe while running from his kitchen to his living room to watch a baseball game on TV.

D. Smashed a finger in the door of a luxury car – on his on his way to the bank.


1-B; 2-C; 3-D; 4-A
7. This current pitcher avoided a trip to the DL but burned his chest when he tried to iron a shirt – while he was wearing it. John Smoltz



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