Whitey, Lefty and the Kid…

Whitey, Lefty and the Kid…

are not the answers to any of the questions on this quiz

(presented August 2009)

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One dozen Classic Nicknames that every baseball fan should know.  Name the HOF player who matches the nickname in left column. (1/2 pt. for each correct answer = 6 pts. total)

Big Train 
The Flying Dutchman
The Fordham Flash
Georgia Peach
The Grey Eagle
Hit ‘em Where they Ain’t
The Iron Horse
Say Hey Kid
Splendid Splinter
Stan the Man              
Sultan of Swat               
The Yankee Clipper           



Walter Johnson
Honus Wagner
Frankie Frisch
Ty Cobb
Tris Speaker
Willie Keeler
Lou Gehrig
Willie Mays
Ted Williams
Stan Musial
Babe Ruth
Joe DiMaggio


2. The Killer B’s: Name five players who were Killer B’s.  (1 pt. each = 5 pts. total) Any of the following players are legitimate answers: Jeff Bagwell (91-05), Craig Biggio (91-07), Derek Bell (95-99), Sean Berry (96-98), Tim Bogar (97-00), Lance Berkman (99-09), Geof Blum (02-03,08-09), Eric Bruntlett (03-07), Carlos Beltran (04), Chris Burke (04-07), Michael Bourn (08-09)
3. Several members of the Gashouse Gang had colorful nicknames, including Dazzy, Dizzy, Daffy, Ducky …and Spud, Pepper, Lip, and Ripper…and Tex.  Name these nine members of the Gashouse Gang. (1 pt. each= 9 pts. total)

Dazzy Vance, Dizzy Dean, Daffy Dean, Ducky Medwick, Spud Davis, Pepper Martin, Leo “Lip” Durocher, Ripper Collins and Tex Carlton


Big ‘Uns – nicknames beginning with BIG.  Name the player and his nickname. (1pt. each= 5 pts total)

“Big _____” was one of first players elected to HOF, and holds modern NL record of 37 wins in a season. This player is ____________.

“Big ____” was the 1997 College Player of the Year.  He is _____________.

“Big _______” is HOFer who played 14 seasons in same outfield with “Little” brother. He is ___________.

“The Big ______” won back-to-back MVP awards in 1993-1994. He is _________.

“Big ______” has won four Cy Young Awards in last ten years. He is _________.




"Big Six" Christy Mathewson


 "Big Puma" Lance Berkman


"Big Poison" Paul Waner


"The Big Hurt" Frank Thomas


"Big Unit" Randy Johnson


But, I thought that was his first name….  Match the ballplayer with his REAL first name.
(1 pt. each = 10 pts. total)     I know… this really isn’t fair.

1. Bo Jackson A. Charles
2. Bud Black B. Colbert
3. Casey Stengel C. Denton
4. Mickey Cochrane D. Edgar
5. Cy Young E. Gordon
6. Toby Harrah F. Harold
7. Mickey Rivers G. Harry
8. Pete Reiser H. John Milton
9. Sam Rice I. Thurman
10.  Rusty Greer J. Vincent






















Name Detroit’s G-Men.  (1 pt. each = 3 pts. total)

Charlie Gehringer, Goose Goslin, Hank Greenberg

Double Play Combos:  Players did not necessarily play together (1/2 pt. for each player, or 1 ½ pt for each combo = 9 pts. total)

Wizard – Maz – Stretch (6-4-3)    


Penguin – Cookie – Pops (5-4-3)


Ryno – Scooter – Double X (4-6-3)


Pudge – Baby Bull – Rowdy (2-3-6)


Pinky – Bump – Dr. Strangeglove (5-4-3)


Flip – Stonewall – Big Cat (5-6-3)




Ozzie Smith – Bill Mazeroski – Willie McCovey

Ron Cey – Octavio “Cookie” Rojas – Willie Stargell


Ryne Sandberg – Phil Rizzuto – Jimmie Foxx

C. Fisk or Ivan Rodriguez – Orlando Cepeda – Dick Bartell


Mike Higgins or Art Whitney – E.”Bump” Wills – Dick Stuart


Al Rosen – Travis Jackson – Johnny Mize or Andres Galarraga


Teams to Remember:  Name the Team and Year (1 pt. each = 8 pts. total)

Boys of Summer
The Family
Harvey’s Wallbangers
The Hitless Wonders
Whiz Kids
Big Red Machine
Murderer’s Row
Miracle Braves


1950s Brooklyn Dodgers
1979 Pittsburgh Pirates
1982 Milwaukee Brewers
1906 Chicago White Sox
1950 Philadelphia Phillies
1970s Cincinnati Reds
1927 New York Yankees
1914 Boston Braves

9. Name the Bird, a Barber, and a Spaceman (1 pt. each = 3 pts total) Bird – Mark Fidrych
Barber – Sal Maglie
Spaceman – Bill Lee

World Series Winners:  Each of the following players won two (or more) games in a single World Series.  Name the player (1/2 pt.), his team (1/2 pt.), and the year of the Series (1 pt.). (12 pts. total)

Prince Hal


Smoky Joe






Hal Newhouser, Detroit Tigers, 1945

Orel Hershiser, L.A. Dodgers, 1988

Joe Wood, Boston Red Sox, 1912

Jim Grant, Minnesota Twins, 1965

Waite Hoyt, N.Y. Yankees, 1921 and 1928

Vern Law, PIttsburgh Pirates, 1960

  Total Possible Points = 70



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