Norman Macht’s Trivia Contest

Norman Macht’s Trivia Contest

(presented at the 4th Annual Winter Meeting, Jan. 23, 2010)

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Word play: I’ll give you two players’ first names and when you combine their last names, you’ll have the answer to the clue. Example: Combine Grover and Jeff and get the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.

Alexander Hamilton

1. Combine Andy and Johnny and get a 1952 Oscar winning film.
High Noon

Combine Vida and Wally and get a 2009 New Year’s Eve phenomenon.

Blue Moon
3. Combine J.T. and David and get a summer treat.
Snow Cone

Combine Linus and Jim and get an item on a Chinese menu.

Frey Rice

Combine Joe and Bob and get a bailed-out investment banking firm.

Morgan Stanley

Combine Luke and Billy and get a spring holiday.

Easter Sunday

Combine Chan Ho and Johnny and get a place to relax.

Park Bench

8. Combine Hideo and Tim and get a drought.
Nomo Raines
9. Combine Hunter and Curt and get old English currency.
Pence and Schilling
10. Combine Wally and Ken and get a Revolutionary War battle site.
Bunker Hill
11. Combine Jackie and Jaret and get a TV quiz show.
Price (is) Wright

Questions involving the infield fly rule

12. The Astros have men on first and second and no outs. Pence pops up over the infield. The umpire calls the infield fly rule. The ball is dead and runners may not advance. True or false?

Seattle has men on first and second and no outs. Ichiro bunts and pops it up 25 feet in the air in front of home plate. The catcher drops it and throws to third to start a triple play. The Mariners manager argues that the ump should have called the infield fly rule. Is he right?

No. No infield fly rule is called on a bunt.
14. Lance Berkman is batting with the bases loaded and no outs. He pops up between home and third. The umpire yells, "Infield fly if fair!" The ball drops untouched in foul terrority, then bounces into fair territory and stops in front of third base. Is Berman out?
  Questions involving people  

Three of these four people have something in common. Which one is the outsider?

Earl Weaver, Joe Altobelli, Hank Bauer, Davey Johnson

All but Johnson won one World Series with Baltimore (or one pennant in Baltimore)

Four of these five people have something in common. Which is the odd man out?

Joe Cronin, Joe Torre, Leo Durocher, Sparky Anderson, Tony LaRussa

All but Torre managed two different teams in a World Series
17. Who is the only AL player to win a batting title without hitting a home run?
Rod Carew
18. Four members of the New York Yankees who played with Lou Gehrig appeared in the movie "Pride of the Yankees." Who were they?
Bill Dickey, Babe Ruth, Bob Meusel and Mark Koenig
19. What position did George H.W. Bush play at Yale?
First Base
20. What Heisman Trophy winner played first base for Yale?
Larry Kelly



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