30 Teams/30 Questions

30 Teams/30 Questions

by Jim Baker

(presented May 18, 2010)

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Arizona: This current major leaguer is the last active Diamondback from their inaugural season of 1998.

A. Rod Barajas

B. Jeff Supan

C. Vicente Padilla

D. Allan Embree

B. Jeff Suppan. Barajas and Padilla came to the team in 1999. Embree is not in the majors this year (as of May 18, 2010).


Atlanta: Which of the following is NOT a name by which the Braves were known at some point in their history?

A. Huntingtons

B. Beaneaters

C. Rustlers

D. Red Caps

A. Huntingtons

Baltimore: Who was the last manager to lead the Orioles to a World Championship?

A. Frank Robinson

B. Cal Ripken, Sr.

C. Earl Weaver

D. Joe Altobelli

D. Joe Altobelli in 1983, the year after Weaver retired.

Boston: The Red Sox are currently battling to stay at .500. When is the last time they finished below .500 in a regular season?

A. 1966

B. 1983

C. 2001

D. 1997

D. 1997. They were 78-84 that year.

Chicago (NL): One pitcher has won over 200 games in a Cubs uniform. Which one is he?

A. Bill Hutchinson

B. Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown

C. Fergie Jenkins

D. Charlie Root

D. Charlie Root with 201. Brown had 188, Hutchinson 180 and Jenkins 167.

Chicago (AL): Believe it or not, the White Sox have won 100 games only one time in their long history. In what season did it occur?

A. 2005

B. 1964

C. 1917

D. 1919

C. 1917 with 100 on the dot. 1919 was only 88 as the season was shortened. 99 in 2005, the year they won it all. 98 in 1964, one game behind the pennant-winning Yankees.

Cincinnati: Obviously, Pete Rose has the team lead in career hits. Who has the second most?

A. Vada Pinson

B. Barry Larkin

C. Dave Concepcion

D. Edd Roush

B. Barry Larkin with 2,340. Pinson had 1,881, Concepcion had 2,236 and Roush had 1,784.

Cleveland: This man played more games for the franchise than anybody else:

A. Omar Vizquel

B. Terry Turner

C. Nap Lajoie

D. Lou Boudreau

B. Terry Turner, 1,619. Early infielder.

Colorado: Only one Rockies pitcher has a career ERA under 4.00. Who is he?

A. Pedro Anastasio

B. Ubaldo Jimenez

C. Armando Reynoso

D. Marvin Freeman

B. Ubaldo Jimenez, 3.57.

Detroit: Sparky Anderson has the all-time lead in wins by a Tigers manager, but he’s nowhere near the top in winning percentage. Who is best (minimum three seasons at the helm)?

A. Mickey Cochrane

B. Billy Martin

C. Hughie Jennings

D. Mayo Smith

A. Mickey Cochrane, .582.

Florida: What was the Marlins’ first NL season?

12. Houston: For how many seasons was Houston known as the Colt .45s?
Three: 1962, 1963 and 1964
13. Kansas City: When the Royals won their World Championship in 1985, which team did they beat in the ALCS?

Los Angeles (AL): Only one Angels player has ever hit 40 home runs in a season. Who is he?

A. Vladimir Guerrero

B. Troy Glaus

C. Bobby Bonds

D. Reggie Jackson

B. Troy Glaus, 47 in 2000, 40 in 2001
15. Los Angeles (NL): What was the Dodgers first season in Los Angeles?

Milwaukee: The Brewers have had three 20-game winners in their history. Which one of these men was not one of them?

A. Pete Vukovich

B. Teddy Higuera

C. Mike Caldwell

D. Jim Colborn

A. Pete Vukovich. He won the Cy Young in 1982 with 18.

Minnesota: Who is the last team the Twins beat in a post-season series?

A. St. Louis Cardinals

B. Atlanta Braves

C. Oakland A’s

D. Boston Red Sox

C. Oakland A’s, ALDS in 2002.

New York (NL): Which of these teams have the Mets not met in the World Series?

A. Boston

B. Baltimore

C. Detroit

D. Oakland

C. Detroit

New York (AL): Since their creation in 1901, the Yankees franchise has won 100 or more games 18 times. How many times have they lost 100?

A. zero

B. one

C. two

D. four

C. two, 1908 and 1912

Oakland: When the A’s were stationed in Kansas City from 1955 to 1967, how many times did they finish at .500 or better?

A. zero

B. one

C. two

D. four

A. zero

Philadelphia: Mike Schmidt has the team home run record with 548, more than the next two Phillies combined. Who are those two Phillies?

A. Cy Williams and Ryan Howard

B. Chuck Klein and Greg Luzinski

C. Del Ennis and Pat Burrell

D. Dick Allen and Johnny Callison

C. Del Ennis (259) and Pat Burrell (251)

Pittsburgh: Forbes Field was famous as a triples park. In fact, a Pirate holds the all-time single-season record for three-baggers. Who is he?

A. Roberto Clemente

B. Owen "Chief" Wilson

C. Adam Comorosky

D. Kiki Cuyler

B. Owen "Chief" Wilson with 36 in 1912.

St. Louis: Two Cardinals hold the major league record for having 12 RBI in a single game. Name them.

Jim Bottomley (9/16/1924) and Mark Whitten (9/7/1993)

San Diego: Who is the Padres all-time team leader in wins?

A. Andy Ashby

B. Jake Peavy

C. Eric Show

D. Randy Jones

C. Eric Show with 100. Jones and Peavy are tied for second with 92. Ashby is fifth with 70.
25. San Francisco: Name the season in which the Giants were the last World Champions. 1954, swept the Cleveland Indians in the World Series.

Seattle: Three Mariners have hit 40 home runs in a season. Fortunately for the team, they’ve done it a combined 14 times. Which of these Mariners is not among those three?

A. Alex Rodriguez

B. Jay Buhner

C. Ken Griffey, Jr.

D. Edgar Martinez

D. Edgar Martinez, career high of 37 in 2000.

Tampa Bay: Before the Rays franchise was granted, which of the following teams considered moving to the Tampa-St. Petersburg area?

A. San Francisco Giants

B. Chicago White Sox

C. Seattle Mariners

D. All of the Above

D. All of the Above. Also, the Twins and Rangers.
28. Texas: This player is the Rangers’ all-time leader in on-base percentage.

A. Mark Teixeira

B. Mike Hargrove

C. Alex Rodriguez

D. Rusty Greer

B. Mike Hargrove at .399. Rodriguez is second, Texeira seventh and Greer is fourth.
29. Toronto: The Blue Jays were an expansion team in what year? 1977.
30. Washington: What was the last year of the Montreal Expos? 2004.



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