Book review: The Game From Where I Stand


The Game From Where I Stand
A Ballplayer’s Inside View
by Doug Glanville
                                                A Baseball Book Review                                                                   
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            Doug Glanville played professional baseball for fourteen seasons, nine of them in the majors as an outfielder for the Cubs, Phillies, and Rangers. He is also an Ivy League graduate (engineering degree from Penn) as well as an African-American. This book, his first, brings a different perspective to life as a big-leaguer. 
            Glanville discusses all aspects of his experience in professional baseball. Topics include making it through the minor leagues, materialism, the union, steroids, superstitions, recovery from injuries, dealing with managers, and much more. Most of the book deals with off-field issues, although there are some interesting in-game episodes as well. 
            If there’s a theme to this book, it’s that baseball players are human. Glanville tells about his dealing with many of the same issues that all professionals do – like having to relocate and working under stress. He provides some very interesting insight on the struggles of an aging starter having to make the many adjustments to becoming a role player. He also talks at length about his challenges in adjusting to “life after baseball”. 
            The author brings his perspective, intelligence and sensitivity to this “inside” look at the game. For the most part, it’s very interesting. In a few instances he allows himself to become an “armchair psychologist” (his term) and those passages are somewhat tedious. But overall, the book is a unique and insightful insider’s view.
Here are the key statistics:
Book: The Game From Where I Stand
Author:  Doug Glanville
Author’s Credentials: Glanville played in the majors for the Phillies, Cubs and Rangers through 2004. Since 2008 he has written the online column “Heading Home” for the New York Times.
Published: 2010, Times Books, ISBN: 978-0-8050-9159-5
Length: 276 pages
Price: Retail list – $25.00;    Online – from $14.00 (new) + shipping.

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