2010 Cy Young Prognostication Poll

SABR Hornsby Chapter colleagues:

Time to start thinking about your Cy Young picks for this season.

Ballots are due by midnight, Sunday September 5.  Email your prognostications to me at cely@swbell.net.

Due to the close race in the NL last year, the Cy Young voting is being expanded.  Consequently, please predict the TOP FIVE voting finishers in each league. In case a tie needs to be broken, also predict the ERA of the NL winner.

So, your ballot should look like:

AL Winner, AL Runner up, AL #3 vote getter, AL #4, AL #5
NL Winner, NL Runner up, NL #3 vote getter, NL #4, NL #5; NL Winner’s ERA


ESPN Cy Young Predictor at http://espn.go.com/mlb/features/cyyoung.
My articles on the Cy Young Award in BRJ #35, p. 48 (2006), and in BRJ#37, p. 95 (2008)

Best regards & good luck, Monte

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