November Meeting Summary


Twelve chapter members were entertained at the November monthy meeting with the 1944 World Series program, the official score book for the first all star game in 1933 (shown above), and a baseball quiz in which members had to name one baseball player for each letter of the alphabet.

Norman Macht brought the program and score book, which elicited oohs and aahs from the group.

Jan Larson brought an interesting quiz — using last names, name active or retired baseball players for each letter of the alphabet — and it came with a 10-minute time limit. Ira Siegel and Mike Dillion tied for first, with Siegel winning on a tie-breaker. His prize was “Take Me Out to the Ballpark: An Illustrated Tour of the Baseball Parks Past and Present.” Mike, a Boston Red Sox fan, turned down the second place prize — the 2010 New York Yankees Media Guide, which went to the next runner-up, Norman Macht.

The group also discussed Monte Cely’s Cy Young Prognosticator Poll, in which members made their guesses on Sept. 1 for the winners and runners-up to the award. The poll was won by Jim Baker, followed by Craig Lukshin. Jim took home the book, “The Last Days of Shea: Delight and Despair in the Life of a Mets Fan” for his crystal-ball skills.

We also discussed the announcement of Felix Hernandez as the American League Cy Young Award Winner. Some thought it was a victory for sabermetrics because Hernandez won on the strength of leading the league in earned run average (2.27) and innings pitched (249 2/3) and being second in strike-outs (232), despite having a 13-12 record for the offense-challenged and last place Seattle Mariners. One member thought Hernandez was undeserving because he pitched in meaningless games with the Mariners falling out of contention early in the season.

Tentative plans were made for the meeting in December — it will be at 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 16, with location to be announced.

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