Serie del Caribe (the Caribbean Series)

Monte Cely’s Caribbean World Series Trivia Quiz

(presented at the monthly meeting on Feb. 17, 2011)

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1. The modern Caribbean Series began play in 1949. Name the four countries that participated in that first Serie del Caribe.

Cuba (it was played in Havana), Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Panama

2. With an interruption from 1961 to 1969 (and again in 1981), the Caribbean Series has continued to this day.  Name the four countries whose Winter League champs met in the 2011 Series earlier this month.
Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico

Teams representing six different countries have won the Caribbean Series.  See if you know which countries have won each number of Series championships:

18, 14, 7, 7, 6, 1

18 – Dominican Republic, 14 –  Puerto Rico,  7 – Cuba, 7 – Venezuela, 6 – Mexico, 1 – Panama

4. The 2011 Caribbean Series was dedicated to Roberto Alomar, who was recently elected to the U.S. National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Alomar will be the third Puerto Rican player to enter the Hall.  Name the first two. Roberto Clemente, Orlando Cepeda

No hablan ingles a la Serie del Caribe!  Everything is in Spanish:

Who are these game participants?

– Los jardineros

– La intermedista

– Los arbitros

– El receptor

– El lanzador

– El dirigente

Los jardineros – Outfielders

La intermedista – second baseman

Los arbitros – umpires

El receptor – catcher

El lanzador – pitcher

El dirigente – manager


What are the translations for these popular Latin American team names?

– Leones

– Tigres

– Estrellas

– Aguilas

Leones – Lions

Tigres – Tigers

Estrellas – Stars

Aguilas – Eagles


These four clubs played in the 2011 Serie del Caribe.  Which countries are they from?

– Criollos de Caguas

– Toros del Este

– Yaquis de Obregon

– Caribes de Anzoategui

Criollos de Caguas – Puerto Rico

Toros del Este – Dominican Republic

Yaquis de Obregon – Mexico

Caribes de Anzoategui – Venezuela

TB 1

Tie breaker #1 (if needed) Who won?


TB 2

What was their won-loss (of six games)?

W – 4, L – 2



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