Latin American Baseball – with a Dominican flavor

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1. Every year, players are inducted into the Caribbean Series Hall of Fame.  One of this year’s inductees, a former Astros pitcher, liked to describe himself as "one tough Dominican".  Name him
Joaquin Andujar


2. There is currently only one Dominican player in the U.S. Baseball Hall of Fame.  Who is he?

Juan Marichal


Name the other Latin American players in the U.S. Hall of Fame.  There are:

Three Puerto Ricans

Two Cubans

One Venezuelan

 PR – Roberto Clemente, Orlando Cepeda, Roberto Alomar

Cuba – Martin Dihigo, Tony Perez

Venezuela – Luis Aparicio


"No hablan ingles a la Serie" – they don’t speak English at the Serie del Caribe.  Match these plays (en espanol) with the correct symbol (in English) on your scorecard:

a. Cuadrangular                              RBI

b. Boleto gratis                                3B

c. Sencillo                                        WP

d. Error del jardinero central          DP

e. Ponche                                        1B

f.  Doble                                           HR

g. Lanzamiento descontrolado     BB 

h. Triple                                           2B

i.  Carrera remolcada                    K

j.  Doble matanza                           E8



 a. HR

b. BB

c. 1B

d. E8

e. K

f. 2B

g. WP

h. 3B

i. RBI

j. DP


There are six teams in the Dominican Winter League.  Match the Dominican team name with its meaning (or synonym):

Licey                                     a. The Chosen Ones

Estrellas Orientales             b. The Big Ones in the Valley

Escogido                              c.  Bright Lights from the East

Aguilas Cibaenas                d. Big Horns in the East

Gigantes del Cibao             e. A river in the Dominican Rep.

Toros del Este                      f. A Majestic Bird over the Valley


Licey – e

Estrellas Orientales – c

Escogido – a

Aguilas Cibaenas – f

Gigantes del Cibao – b

Toros del Este – d


The Dominican team once again took the "campeonato" (championship) at this year’s 54th Serie del Caribe.  How many times have the Dominicans won?

12      15      19      22

7. (tie breaker if needed)  There is one other latin american player in the U.S. Hall of fame.  Who is he?    (hint, he’s from Panama)
Rod Carew




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