Norman Macht’s Icebreaker Quiz

Norman Macht’s Icebreaker Quiz: Vice Presidents, Homonyms and Nursery Rhymes

by Norman Macht

Presented at Sventh Annual Winter Meeting on Jan. 12, 2013

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  Vice Presidents
1. Murders made them presidents and a Hall of Fame pitcher

Andrew Johnson, Lyndon B. Johnnson and Walter Johnson

2. A vice president from Texas and an Astros manager
John and Phil Garner
3. The first vice president and the winning pitcher of three games for Pittsburgh in the 1909 World Series John and Babe Adams
4. A resignation made him president and a Hall of Fame pitcher
Gerald and Whitey Ford
5. The vice president who becamepresident and resigned and a manger of the Reds and Braves who finished 6th in each of the four years he managed
Richard and Russ Nixon
6. Woodrow Wilson’s vice president and a record-holding relief pitcher
Thomas and Mike Marshall
7. A vice president who was elected president and the manager of the 1927 pennant-winning Pirates
George and Donie Bush
8. Lincoln’s first vice president and a 20-game winner for the 1939 Dodgers
Hannibal and Luke Hamlin
9. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s second vice president and a Hall of Fame shortstop
Henry and Bobby Wallace
  Homonyms: players whose names sound alike but are spelled differently  
10. A schoolboy and a preacher
Rowe and Roe

A Hall of Fame first baseman and a Hall of Fame second baseman

Foxx and Fox
12. Hall of Fame outfielder and Hall of Fame first baseman
Joe Kelley and George Kelly
13. A Montreal pitcher for 13 years and a manager in Milwaukee, Montreal and California
Steve Rogers and Buck Rodgers
14. This Braves reliever struck out Pete Rose for the final out in the game that broke Rose’s NL record 44 game hitting streak Gene Garber
15. He was traded by the Phillies for Steve Carlton in 1972 and a 22-game winner for the 1945 pennant-winning Cubs
Rick Wise and Hank Wyse
  Nursery Rhymes: Name the player who appears in the nursery rhyme. Example: Hickory dickory — Dock Ellis or Doc Gooden (but the rest will use last names)  
16. Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden _______? Heinie Groh
17. Mary had a little ________, its fleece was ________ as _______.
Mike Lamb of Astros and Rangers, or Ray Lamb of Dodgers and Indians; Roy White of the Yankees; JT Snow of the Giants
18. Little Jack ________
Bob Horner of the Braves
19. Little Miss ________
Billy Muffett of Cardinals, Giants and Red Sox
20. Jack and Jill ran up the ________
Bill Hill, Carmen Hill or Marc Hill
21. Baa, baa ________ Joe Black or Don Black
22. London __________ Rocky Bridges or Tommy Bridges



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