Beisbol Latinoamericano – con un sabor mexicano

Beisbol Latinoamericano – con un sabor mexicano

"Latin American baseball – with a Mexican flavor"

(presented at the monthly meeting on Feb. 21, 2013)

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1.  This year’s Serie del Caribe was held in Estadio Sonora in what Mexican city?

Hermosillo, Sonora, Mex.


Match the four countries’ playoff winners to their home cities

Yaquis                                   Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Navegantes Magallanes     Caguas, Puerto Rico

Criollos                                  Cuidad Obregon, Mexico

Leones del Escogido           Valencia, Venezuela

 Yaquis de Ciudad Obregon, Mex

Navegantes Magallanes de Valencia, Ven

Criollos de Caguas, P.R.

Leones del Escogido, Santo Domingo, D.R.


The Mexican winter league is officially called the Liga Mexicana del Pacifico (abbreviated LMP) and consists of eight teams.  Match the team nicknames with their host cities:

Aguilas                          Mazatlan

Algodoneros                Culiacan

Caneros                        Hermosillo

Mayos                           Los Mochis

Naranjeros                   Mexicali

Tomateros                   Ciudad Obregon

Venados                      Navojoa

Yaquis                         Guasave

 Aguilas de Mexicali

Algodoneros de Guasave

Caneros de los Mochis

Mayos de Navajoa

Naranjeros de Hermosillo

Tomateros de Culiacan

Venados de Mazatlan

Yaquis de Cd. Obregon


 The LMP has some colorful and unique team names.  Match the team nickname to its English translation:

Aguilas                        Sugar cane growers

Algodoneros              A native tribe and a river in Sonora

Caneros                     Eagles

Mayos                         Deer

Naranjeros                 Cotton growers

Tomateros                 Orange growers

Venados                   A native tribe from the north of Mexico

Yaquis                      Tomato growers


Algodoners – cotton growers

Caneros – sugar cane growers

Mayos – a tribe and river in Sonora

Naranjeros – orange growers

Tomateros – tomato growers

Venados – deer

Yaquis – a tribe from the north of Mexico


 What Mexican-born player has hit the most career MLB home runs?

 Vinny Castilla – 320


What Mexican-born pitcher has the most career MLB wins?

 Fernando Valenzuela – 173


Name the Mexican-born player to win an MLB batting title.

 Beto "Bobby" Avila – .341 with ’54 Indians


The site of the 2013 Serie del Caribe, Estadio Sonora, will replace a 40-year-old stadium in Hermosillo for next season’s LMP games.  That stadium was named for the "Mexican Babe Ruth", the all-time Mexican Leagues home run champ.  Name him.

 Hector Espino, who hit 783 professional HRs


Rodrigo Lopez started the championship game of the 2013 Serie del Caribe on the mound for Mexico.  He is also the active leader in MLB wins by a Mexican pitcher.  How many does he have?




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