Hall of Fame Fun

Hall of Fame Fun

by Dan Walsh

Presented at chapter meeting March 19, 2013

Name the Hall of Famer described by the two word phrase.  The first letter of each word in the phrase is also the initials of the player.  For example:  If I say Fourteenth President", you mgiht answer "Franklin Pierce" or you might say, "Huh?  Who does he play for?"

(Move the mouse over the blank space to see the answer)
1. Outstanding Shortstop

Ozzie Smith

2. No-hit Ranger
Nolan Ryan
3. Lippy Dodger Leo Durocher
4. Terrific Slinger
Tom Seaver
5. Giant Pitcher
Gaylord Perry
6. WhiteSox VIP
William Veeck
7. Homer Artist
Henry Aaron
8. Dodger Slugger
Duke Snider
9. Winning Southpaw
Warren Spahn
10. Yankee Backstop
Yogi Berra

Strikeout King

Sandy Koufax
12. Homerun King
Harmon Killebrew
13. Boston Hitter
Billy Hamilton
14. A’s Slugger
Al Simmons
15. Poisoned Whacker
Paul Waner
16. Pirate Thirdbaseman Pie Traynor
17. Managing Catcher
Mickey Cochran
18. Fordham Flash Frankie Frisch
19. Chicago CEO Charles Comiskey
20. Catcher Manager Connie Mack



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