Beisbol Latinoamericano 2015 – con un sabor puertorriquenop


Beisbol Latinoamericano 2015 – con un sabor puertorriqueno

by Monte Cely and Mike Dillon

(Presented at chapter meeting on February 26, 2015)

Total of 25 possible points.

(Move the mouse over the blank space to see the answer)

1. In 2015, for the second consecutive year, five countries’ winter league champs competed in la Serie del Caribe.  Match the participating teams to their home cities.      

Teams:  Cangrejeros, Vegueros, Tomateros, Gigantes, Caribes.        

Cities:    Puerto la Cruz, Anzoategui, Venezuela;  Santurce, Puerto Rico;  San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic;  Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico;  Pinar del Rio, Cuba.     

Cangrejeros de Santurce, PR

Vegueros de Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Tomateros de Culiacan, Mex

Gigantes de San Francisco, DR

Caribes de Puerto la Cruz, Ven.

2. On the outfield wall of the stadium in San Juan, there are four retired numbers:  12, 21, 22, 30.  Who are they?

12 – Roberto Alomar

21 – Roberto Clemente

22 – Ruben Gomez

30 – Orlando Cepeda

3.  After many decades when only San Juan hosted la Serie del Caribe on behalf of Puerto Rico, the series has recently been hosted in three different Puerto Rican stadiums.  Match the stadium to its Puerto Rican city:    

Stadiums:  Estadio Roberto Clemente; Estadio Isidoro "Cholo" Garcia; Estadio Hiram Bithorn.    

Cities:  San Juan, Carolina, Mayaguez.

Estadio Clemente is in Carolina (Clemente’s home town)

Estadio Garcia is in Mayaguez

Estadio Bithorn is in San Juan

4. One of the murals at the stadium claims that Puerto Rico is "la tierra de los receptores" … the land of the catchers.  Which of these current/former MLB catchers are from Puerto Rico:  

Yadier Molina, Wilson Ramos, Jason Castro, Salvador Perez, Benito Santiago, Pudge Rodriguez, Ali Solis, Jorge Posada.  (pick four)

The Puerto Ricans are:  Molina, Santiago, Rodriguez and Posada.

5. One of the differences that an American visitor will quickly notice about latino beisbol is the commerical advertising on the uniforms.  Match these advertisers to their countries’ teams:  

Advertisers:  Megacable, El Nuevo Dia, Grupo Maltin-Cerveza Polar, Orange, No imperialist advertising allowed.  

Country:  Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico.  

Megacable – Mexico 

El Nuevo Dia – Puerto Rico  

Grupo Maltin – Venezuela  

Orange – DR  

No advertising – Cuba

6. Miguel Dillon visited these places daily in/around the ball park.  In English, what are they?


Butacas Preferencias  



Taquilla – Ticket office  

Butacas Preferencias – Reserved Seats

Servicios – Restrooms

 Estacionamiento – Parking Lot/Garage

25 Points total  

Tie breaker:  Javier Vazquez leads all Puerto Rican pitchers in MLB wins.  How many?





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