Serie del Caribe and Dominican Baseball 2016

 Serie del Caribe y Beisbol Dominicano 2016

(presented at the monthly chapter meeting on Feb. 20, 2016)

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1. The stadium in Santo Domingo was recently renamed to honor the first Dominican player to enter the U.S. Baseball Hall of Fame.  Name him.

Juan Marichal


A second Dominican player was recently inducted into the U.S. Hall of Fame.  Name him.

 Pedro Martinez


Match the 2016 Serie del Caribe teams with the countries that they represent:

Teams:  Leones del Escogido, Venados de Mazatlan, Tigres de Ciego de Avila, Cangrejeros de Santurce, Tigres de Aragua

Countries:  Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic

Leones del Escogido, DR

Venados de Mazatlan, Mexico

Tigres de Ciego de Avila, Cuba

Cangrejeros de Santurce, PR

Tigres de Aragua, Ven.



The Dominican manager, Luis Rojas, is a member of a Dominican royal family of baseball.  His father was a three-time all-star during a 17 year MLB career.  His brother was a six-time all-star that also played 17 years in MLB, plus had a close encounter with a fan named Steve.

Name Luis Rojas’ father and brother.

Felipe Alou Rojas 


Moises Alou


No hablan ingles a la Serie del Caribe.  There are six teams in the Dominican winter league.  Match the Dominican team name with its meaning (or synonym) in English.

Team names:  Licey, Estrellas Orientales, Escogio, Aguilas Cibaenas, Gigantes del Cibao, Toros del Este

(Loose) translations:  The Chosen Ones; The Big Ones in the Valley; Bright lights from the East; Bulls from the East; A river in the Dominican; A Majestic Bird over the Valley

Licey – a river

Estrellas – bright lights

Escogido – the Chosen Ones

Aguilas – majestic bird

Gigantes – big ones

Toros – bulls

6. Gigantes del Cibao play in San Francisco de Macoris, in central Dominicana.  Their stadium is named after a former MLB second baseman, a native of that city, who was a two-time all-star and played in the 1964, ’67, ’68, and ’72 World Series.  Name him. Julian Javier
7. Two well-known MLB relievers, pitching for the Dominicans, combined for two blown saves and a loss as the Dominican team was swept from Serie del Caribe 2016.  Name them. Fernando Rodney and either Rafael Soriano or Joel Peralta
8. Which team won Serie del Caribe 2016 ?  Which team was the runner-up ?

Venados de Mazatlan, Mexico

Tigres de Aragua, Venezuela

  — 20 total points —  
  Tie breaker (if needed) – The two Dominican pitchers in the U.S. Baseball Hall of Fame have combined for how many regular season pitching wins?  (hint – they each had between 200 and 250 career wins)


Juan Marichal 243 


Pedro Martinez 219

2016 Hornsby Winter Meeting Quiz

2016 Hornsby Winter Meeting Quiz

by Ryan Pollack

(Presented at the Hornsby Winter Meeting on Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016)

30 teams, 30 answers; each team is the answer to one of the questions

(Move the mouse over the blank space to see the answer)


1. The worst player to qualify for the 2015 batting title was worth ­2 WAR and played for this team. Red Sox: Pablo Sandoval
2. This team did not win its division despite having a run differential 93 runs better than the team that won it. Astros

3. This team had two relievers get AL Cy Young votes.

Yankees: Andrew Miller, Dellin Betances


This team played against the Orioles on April 29th when no fans were allowed in the stadium due to riots in downtown Baltimore.

White Sox

5. This team played against the Orioles on April 29th when no fans were allowed in the stadium due to riots in downtown Baltimore. Royals: Omar Infante

6. A starter for this team placed third in the AL Cy Young voting behind Dallas Keuchel and David Price.

A’s: Sonny Gray

7. The 2014 MLB home run leader played for this team in 2015. He hit 44 home runs, second­most in the majors.

Mariners: Nelson Cruz


8. A starting pitcher for this team finished with a 5.05 ERA, worst among all qualified starters.

Tigers: Alfredo Simon

9. Against the closer for this team, batters put 79.1% of batted balls on the ground, the highest rate in the major leagues against qualified relievers.

Orioles: Zach Britton

10. This playoff team had a run differential of +18, worse than four teams that did not make the playoffs.

Rangers: Orioles, Indians, Nationals, Giants

11. A rookie for this team was a subject of the documentary "Ballplayer: Pelotero" in 2011.

Twins: Miguel Sano

12. This team averaged 15,403 fans per game in 2015, the fewest in Major League Baseball.


13. This team combined to hit not only the most home runs, but also the most doubles.

Blue Jays

14. The runner­up to the AL Rookie of the Year made his major­league debut for this team on June 14th.

Indians: Francisco Lindor

15. A starting pitcher for this team had the fastest average four­seam fastball velocity (95.7 MPH) among qualified starters.

Angels: Garrett Richards


16. A starter for this team threw two no­hitters in 2015, becoming the 5th player in history to do so.

Nationals: Max Scherzer

17. This team fired its manager on May 3rd after it began the season 7­18. On August 11th, the general manager was fired, too.

Brewers: Ron Roenicke; Doug Melvin

18. The first baseman for this team finished second in the NL MVP voting.

Diamondbacks: Paul Goldschmidt

19. This team ranked second­to­last in the majors in home runs with 120 despite having a player who hit 27, another with 23, and three players with 10.

Marlins: Giancarlo Stanton, Justin Bour, Ozuna/Realmuto/Dietrich

20. This team’s starting rotation notched a 5.27 ERA, worst in the majors. The team also allowed 5.21 runs per game, worst in the majors.



21. This team played in its third straight Wild Card game in 2015.



22. The runner up for the NL Rookie of the Year was primarily a third baseman for this team  

Giants: Matt Duffy

23. This team had three players in the NL MVP voting. One of these players was also in the 
NL Cy Young Vote; another was also in the NL Rookie of the Year vote.  

Arrieta/Bryant/Rizzo; Arrieta; Bryant

24. The general manager for this team was fired on September 10th. He has since become 
a first­base coach for another team.  

Phillies: Ruben Amaro Jr.

25. This team’s bullpen led the majors in Win Probability Added, meaning they excelled in 
pitching the team out of tight spots.  


26. This team had two pitchers finish in the top three spots in the 2015 Cy Young voting. 
Neither won.  

Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke

27. This team trailed all others in run differential, getting outscored by 187 runs over the 
course of the season.  


28. This team’s closer struck out 41.7% of the batters he faced, the highest rate in the 

Reds: Aroldis Chapman

29. This team finished 74­88 despite trading for several big­name players prior to the 


30. On October 3rd, this team was no­hit by the pitcher who threw two no­hitters this year.  



2015 Season (and more) Quiz


2015 Season (and more) Quiz

by Bill Gilbert

(Presented at chapter meeting on December 12, 2015)

All responses are worth one point (30 possible).

(Move the mouse over the blank space to see the answer)
1. What player led the major leagues in home runs in 2015?

Chris Davis, 47

2. Who is the pitcher that threw 2 no-hitters in 2015? Max Scherzer.
3.  Who is the pitcher that led the major leagues in strikeouts in 2015? Clayton Kershaw, 301

4. Who were the two major leaguer pitchers to win 20 games in 2015?

Jake Arrieta, 22 and Dallas Keuchel, 20.
5. Which major league team made the greatest improvement in 2015 over 2014?
Chicago Cubs, 24 games, 73 to 97
6. Which major league team fell the furthest in 2015? Oakland A’s, 20 games, 86 to 66.
7. Who is the only American League player to win both a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger Award in 2015? Jose Altuve, Second Base
 8. Who led the Astros in home runs in 2015?
Evan Gattis, 27
 9. Who was voted the MVP for the Astros in 2015? Jose Altuve
10. In 2005, the year that the Astros were in the World Series, who was voted the team MVP? Morgan Ensberg

11. Who are the two active players that have over 300 home runs and a career batting average over .300?

Albert Pujols – 520, .317 and Miguel Cabrera – 390, .320
12. Who led the National League in batting average in 2015?
Dee Gordon, .333
13. Who led the American League in batting average in 2015? Miguel Cabrera, .338

14. What batter led the major leagues in striking out in 2015?

Chris Davis, 208
15. What pitcher led the Astros in wins in 2015? Dallas Keuchel, 20.

16. What former Astro led the major leagues in saves in  2015?

Mark Melancon, 51
17. What two current major league teams have never played in a World Series?
Seattle Mariners and  Washington Nationals

18. What team won the World Series in 1992 and 1993 and didn’t make the playoffs again until 2015?

Toronto Blue Jays

19. Who are the five players who have hit 60 or more home runs in a season?

Babe Ruth 60,  Roger Maris 61,  Mark McGwire 70, 65,  Sammy Sosa 66, 64, 63 and  Barry Bonds 73.
20. Who are the five Houston Astros that hit over 20 home runs in 2015?
Evan Gattis 27, Colby Rasmus 25, Luis Valbuena 25, Chris Carter 24 and Carlos Correa 22.


Quiz about the 2015 HOF Class

Quiz about the 2015 HOF Class

by Gilbert D. Martinez

(presented Sept. 27, 2015)

(Move the mouse over the blank space to see the answer)

This former Astros pitcher had the most Hit-By-Pitch against Craig Biggio with seven. Name this pitcher, who had longer stints pitching for the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Colorado Rockies and the New York Mets.

Pedro Astacio (7 HBP in 70 plate appearances)


This San Francisco Giants pitcher had the second most Hit-By-Pitch against Biggio with five. Name this pitcher, who also pitched for the Expos, Royals and Marlins.

Mark Gardner (5 HBP in 61 plate appearances)


Craig Biggio retired at no. 5 on the all-time doubles list with 668 and the most as a right-handed batter. The pitcher who gave up the most doubles to Biggio was a journeyman pitcher, toeing the rubber for the Padres, Mariners, Diamondbacks and two separate stints with the Cardinals. Name the pitcher (bonus: how many doubles did this pitcher give up?).

Andy Benes (8)


John Smoltz is noted for being the only pitcher in MLB history with at least 200 wins and 150 saves. Smoltzie beat up on particular teams to earn a larger portion of his saves. In fact, against four teams, he was double-digit in total saves. Name the teams (one point for each team and an additional bonus point for the correct ordered spot).

NYM 24

FLA 20

MON 17

PHI 11


This controversial hitter has the most home runs against Smoltz. Name him (bonus: how many?).

Barry Bonds (8)


This Hall-of-Famer had the most hits against Smoltz with 30. Name him.

Tony Gwynn


Randy Johnson is no. 2 on the all-time strikeouts list. Name this well-known Hall of Famer that tops the list of batters most struck out by Johnson. Bonus point: How many times was this batter struck out by Johnson?

Rickey Henderson (30)   


Now, name the ballpark that hosted the most strikeouts by Johnson.

Kingdome (1,192)


This future Hall-of-Famer had the most home runs against Johnson. Name him (bonus point: how many did he hit?).

Chipper Jones (6)


This catcher/first baseman/left fielder with the Dodgers, Mets and Marlins had the most hits against Johnson with 20. Name him.

Paul Lo Duca


Pedro Martinez gave up 239 home runs in his career. Name this player (whom some say may make the Hall of Fame soon) who had the most home runs hit against Martinez (Bonus point: how many?).

Mike Piazza (6)


This future Hall-of-Famer has the most hits against Martinez with 22. Name him.

Derek Jeter (22)


Martinez accumulated 3,154 strikeouts during his career. Name the team and the player with the most whiffs.

New York Yankees (261), Jorge Posada (33)



100th Consecutive Month with a Meeting Quiz

100th Consecutive Month with a Meeting Quiz

by Gilbert D. Martinez

Presented at chapter meeting March 21, 2015

(Move the mouse over the blank space to see the answer)
  I. Chapter questions

1. In what year did Bill Gilbert have an initial meeting in Austin in the hopes of creating a new SABR chapter? 2003

In what year did participants sign a petition asking for SABR recognition, thereby creating the Rogers Hornsby Chapter?

3. Many of our monthly meetings have occurred at a restaurant. Name as many of these restaurants as you can (each worth one point).

County Line

Cover 3

Hyde Park Bar and Grill

Iron Works BBQ

Macaroni Grill

Restaurant at the Dell Diamond

Salt Lick

Scholz Garten



The Tavern

Third Base


We have also had meetings at non-restaurant locations. Name as many of these as you can (each worth one point).

Dell Diamond

Jim Baker’s house

Bill and Evelyn Gilbert’s home in Lakeway

Chuck Kaufman’s house

Jan and Connie Larson’s house

Gilbert and Raeanne Martinez’s house

Minute Maid Park

Texas State University/Old Main

Whataburger Field

  II. Member questions

Name the Hornsby Chapter member that has covered the last five consecutive La Serie del Caribe (Caribbean World Series). Bonus question – Which team won the 2015 contest?

Monte Cely — Cuba


On Aug. 17, 1976, this Hornsby Chapter member watched a player steal home to win a game in extra innings. This kicked off a research project and later, a presentation by which Hornsby member? Bonus question: Which player stole home in that game in 1976?

Jan Larson – George Brett


This former Hornsby Chapter member is nearly done with his three-volume biography of Connie Mack. Yeah, I know you know who this is, so name him! Two bonus questions – 1) Name the publisher of the three-part biography, and 2) Name the university that is now housing all the archival material collected for this biography.

Norman Macht – University of Nebraska — SMU


The Hornsby Chapter has the Rajah Award for lifetime achievement and service to the chapter. Thus far, only one person has received it. Who?

Bill Gilbert


II. Speaker questions —

In the following questions, name the speakers who have visited us at our annual Winter Meetings.


I was the Houston Astros’ first 20-game winner, a two-time National League All-Star, and a National League Manager of the Year. Who am I?

Larry Dierker


I am the director of professional scouting for the Kansas City Royals and played college baseball with the University of Texas at Arlington. Who am I?

Gene Watson


I am a former broadcast journalist who covered the first Persian Gulf War and the siege in Waco, but am now the director of broadcasting for the Round Rock Express. Who am I?

Mike Capps


I was a former professional baseball scout credited with scouting players such as Dale Murphy, George Bell, Cito Gaston and David Wells. Who am I?

Al LaMacchia


I am the president of the Pacific Coast League and grandson of the man who signed Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Who am I?

Branch B. Rickey


I am the longtime Houston Astros television broadcaster and member of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Who am I?

Bill Brown


I was a member of the 1948 World Series Champion Cleveland Indians, a scout, general manager, and head of player development for the Houston Colt .45s. Who am I?

Eddie Robinson


I won a World Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers three times and once had a devoted fan name her parakeet after me. Who am I?

Wally Moon


I covered the playoff runs of the Houston Astros in 2004 and 2005 and had, perhaps, the last Budweiser beer at Busch Stadium II. Who am I?

Alyson Footer


Tie-Breaker Question: Most SABR chapters are in the United States, but there are a few that are international chapters. Name these international chapters (country or city in which the chapter is based).

Toronto, Canada

Quebec, Canada

Great Britain

Sorrento, Italy

Tokyo, Japan

South Korea

The Luis Castro/Latin America Chapter serves Spanish-speaking SABR members in all Central and South America countries and the Caribbean, including Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Panamá and Nicaragua.





Beisbol Latinoamericano 2015 – con un sabor puertorriquenop


Beisbol Latinoamericano 2015 – con un sabor puertorriqueno

by Monte Cely and Mike Dillon

(Presented at chapter meeting on February 26, 2015)

Total of 25 possible points.

(Move the mouse over the blank space to see the answer)

1. In 2015, for the second consecutive year, five countries’ winter league champs competed in la Serie del Caribe.  Match the participating teams to their home cities.      

Teams:  Cangrejeros, Vegueros, Tomateros, Gigantes, Caribes.        

Cities:    Puerto la Cruz, Anzoategui, Venezuela;  Santurce, Puerto Rico;  San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic;  Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico;  Pinar del Rio, Cuba.     

Cangrejeros de Santurce, PR

Vegueros de Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Tomateros de Culiacan, Mex

Gigantes de San Francisco, DR

Caribes de Puerto la Cruz, Ven.

2. On the outfield wall of the stadium in San Juan, there are four retired numbers:  12, 21, 22, 30.  Who are they?

12 – Roberto Alomar

21 – Roberto Clemente

22 – Ruben Gomez

30 – Orlando Cepeda

3.  After many decades when only San Juan hosted la Serie del Caribe on behalf of Puerto Rico, the series has recently been hosted in three different Puerto Rican stadiums.  Match the stadium to its Puerto Rican city:    

Stadiums:  Estadio Roberto Clemente; Estadio Isidoro "Cholo" Garcia; Estadio Hiram Bithorn.    

Cities:  San Juan, Carolina, Mayaguez.

Estadio Clemente is in Carolina (Clemente’s home town)

Estadio Garcia is in Mayaguez

Estadio Bithorn is in San Juan

4. One of the murals at the stadium claims that Puerto Rico is "la tierra de los receptores" … the land of the catchers.  Which of these current/former MLB catchers are from Puerto Rico:  

Yadier Molina, Wilson Ramos, Jason Castro, Salvador Perez, Benito Santiago, Pudge Rodriguez, Ali Solis, Jorge Posada.  (pick four)

The Puerto Ricans are:  Molina, Santiago, Rodriguez and Posada.

5. One of the differences that an American visitor will quickly notice about latino beisbol is the commerical advertising on the uniforms.  Match these advertisers to their countries’ teams:  

Advertisers:  Megacable, El Nuevo Dia, Grupo Maltin-Cerveza Polar, Orange, No imperialist advertising allowed.  

Country:  Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico.  

Megacable – Mexico 

El Nuevo Dia – Puerto Rico  

Grupo Maltin – Venezuela  

Orange – DR  

No advertising – Cuba

6. Miguel Dillon visited these places daily in/around the ball park.  In English, what are they?


Butacas Preferencias  



Taquilla – Ticket office  

Butacas Preferencias – Reserved Seats

Servicios – Restrooms

 Estacionamiento – Parking Lot/Garage

25 Points total  

Tie breaker:  Javier Vazquez leads all Puerto Rican pitchers in MLB wins.  How many?





2014 Season Quiz


2014 Season Quiz

by Dan Walsh

(Presented at chapter meeting on December 16, 2014)

Total of 16 possible points.

(Move the mouse over the blank space to see the answer)
1. Name the only player to hit 40 HR in 2014.

Nelson Cruz, BAL

2. Who is the pitcher who threw a no-hitter in both 2013 and 2014? Tim Lincecum, SFG
3.  Name the pitcher who led the majors in strikeouts in 2014. David Price, TBR/DET

4. Name the three pitchers who were 20 game winners in 2014.

Clayton Kershaw, LAD, Adam Wainwright, STL and Johnny Cueto, CIN
5. Who was the AL batting champion in 2014?
Jose Altuve, HOU
6. Who was the NL batting champion? Justin Morneau, COL
7. Who was the only player to win both a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger award in 2014? Adrian Gonzalez, LAD
 8. Name the two players who batted .300 or more, hit 30 or more HR, and had 100 or more RBI.
Jose Abreu, CHW and Victor Martinez, DET
 9. Which major league team made the greatest improvement in 2014 over 2013? LA Angels
10. Which team fell the furthest in 2014 versus 2013? Boston Red Sox

11. Who led the Astros in home runs in 2014?

Chris Carter
12. Who was the NL Rookie of the Year in 2014?
Jacob deGrom, NYM
13. Who was the MVP of the 2014 All-Star game? Mike Trout, LAA


First, Only and Mostly


First, Only and Mostly

by Dan Walsh

(Presented at chapter meeting on August 26, 2014)

Questions 1-14 are worth 1 point, 15-23 worth two points, 24 is worth three points and 25 is worth 5 points.

(Move the mouse over the blank space to see the answer)
1. Name the first designated hitter in major league history.

Ron Blomberg, 1973

2. Name the only pitcher to hit two grand slams HR in one game. Tony Cloninger, 1966.
3.  This pitcher holds the record for most World Series wins during a career. Whitey Ford

4. After Babe Ruth, who was the first player to hit 500 home runs in his career?

Jimmy Foxx
5. For players who began their career after 1950, the highest career batting average is held by …
Tony Gwynn, .338 BA
6. This player holds the record for most runs scored during his career. Rickey Henderson
7. Name the youngest player to win a league batting title. Al Kaline, 20 in 1955
 8. The first home run in the Astrodome was hit by …
Mickey Mantle
 9. This player holds the record for most career hits in All-Star games. Willie Mays
10. The only player to win the World Series MVP award while playing for the losing team. Bobby Richardson, Yankees, 1960

11. Name the only player to win the league MVP award in both leagues.

Frank Robinson
12. The first player to sign a contract of $1,000,000 per year was …
Nolan Ryan
13. This player has the most career wins for a left-handed pitcher. Warren Spahn, 363 wins

14. The first player to steal 100 bases in one season.

Maury Wills, 1962, 104 SB
15. For 50 years, Hank Aaron was the first player listed in the Baseball Encyclopedia or other player registers.  Name the player who replaced Aaron as the first name listed in a player register. David Aardsma

16. The most RBI by one player in a game is 12.  Name the two players who accomplished this feat.

Jim Bottomley, 1924 and Mark Whiten, 1993
17. The record for most strikeouts by a pitcher in one game is held by …
Tom Cheney, 21K (16 IP)

18. Name the only pitcher to throw a no-hitter on opening day of a season.

Bob Feller

19. Name the player who has won the most Gold Gloves during his career.

Greg Maddux, 18
20. The first relief pitcher to win a Cy Young award was …
Mike Marshall, 1974
21. Name the only player to win Rookie-of-Year, MVP, and Cy Young awards during his career. Don Newcombe.  RoY (1949), CY & MVP (1956)
22. The first Latin American player to win an MVP was …
Zoilo Versalles, AL – 1965

23. Name the only player to get a hit for two different teams in two different cities on the same day.

Joel Youngblood, 8/4/82

24. With a record of 211 wins and 222 losses, this is the only pitcher to win 200 games during his career, and have an overall losing record.

Bobo Newsom

25. Name the only player in the Hall-of Fame to hit a home run in his first major league at-bat AND he did not hit another home run during his 20 year career.

Hoyt Wilhelm


Things That Don’t Happen Any More


Things That Don’t Happen Any More

by Tom Thayer

(Presented at chapter meeting on April 17, 2014)

(Move the mouse over the blank space to see the answer)

1.  Who is the last player to hit .400 in a season? (qualifying for BA title)

    a. Bill Terry
    b. Ted Williams
    c. George Brett
    d. Tony Gwynn

Ted Williams 1941 .406

2.  Who is the last player with 30 triples in a season?
    a. Chief Wilson
    b. Sam Crawford
    c. Shoeless Joe Jackson
    d. Willie Wilson
Chief Wilson 36 1912
3.  Who is the last player to lead his league with fewer than 30 home runs?
     (non-strike years)
    a. Dick Allen
    b. Graig Nettles
    c. Gus Zernial
    d. Ralph Kiner
Ralph Kiner 23 1946

4.  Who is the last player to lead the league with fewer than 100 strikeouts?
    a. Jim Rice
    b. Harry Anderson
    c. Jim Lemon
    d. Pat Seerey

Harry Anderson 95 1958
5.  Who is the last player to steal 100 bases in a season?
    a. Kenny Lofton
    b. Vince Coleman    
    c. Rickey Henderson
    d. Lou Brock
Vince Coleman 109 1987
6.  Who is the last pitcher to win 30 games in a season?
    a. Lefty Grove
    b. Sandy Koufax   
    c. Denny McLain
    d. Bob Welch
Denny McLain 31 1968
7.  Who is the last pitcher to lead his league in saves pitched with fewer than 30?
    a. John Franco
    b. Dave Righetti
    c. Lee Smith
    d. Rollie Fingers
Lee Smith 29 1983
8.  Who is the last pitcher to throw 300 innings in a season?
    a. Steve Carlton       
    b. Jack Morris
    c. Wilbur Wood
    d. Phil Niekro
Steve Carlton 304 1980
9.  Who is the last pitcher to throw  400 innings in a season?
    a. Walter Johnson
    b. Cy Young
    c. Ed Walsh
    d. Joe McGinnity
Ed Walsh 464 1908
10.  Who is the last pitcher to lead his league in strikeouts with fewer than 200? (non-strike years)
    a. Jose DeLeon
    b. Len Barker
    c. Al Downing
    d. Early Wynn
Len Barker 187 1980

11.  Who is the last pitcher to start 40 games in a season?
    a. Charlie Hough    
    b. Phil Niekro
    c. Wilbur Wood
    d. Steve Carlton

Charlie Hough 40 1987
12.  Who is the last pitcher with 20 complete games in a season?
    a. Roger Clemens
    b. Jack Morris
    c. Fernando Valenzuela
    d. Nolan Ryan
Fernando Valenzuela 20 1986
13.  Who is the last pitcher with 10 shutouts in a season?
    a. Mike Scott   
    b. Sandy Koufax
    c. Bob Gibson
    d. John Tudor
John Tudor 10 1985

14.  Who is the last pitcher with 200 walks in a season?
    a. Nolan Ryan
    b. Phil Niekro
    c. Bob Lemon
    d. Bob Feller

Nolan Ryan 204 1977
15.  Who is the last fielder to commit 50 errors in a season?
    a. Jose Offerman
    b. Dick Allen
    c. Roy Smalley
    d. Al Brancato
Roy Smalley, Jr 51, 1950

16.  Which is the last team to hit lower than .230 in a season?
    a. 1981 Toronto Blue Jays
    b. 1979 Oakland As
    c. 1971 San Diego Padres
    d. 1968 New York Yankees

1981 Toronto Blue Jays .226

17.   Which is the last team with fewer than 100 home runs in a season that made the playoffs?
    a. 1980 Houston Astros
    b. 1982 St Louis Cardinals
    c. 1987 St Louis Cardinals
    d. 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers

1988 Los Angeles Dodgers 99

18.  Which is the last team to bat over .300 for the season?
    a. 2000 Colorado Rockies
    b. 1995 Cleveland Indians
    c. 1950 Boston Red Sox
    d. 1936 New York Yankees

1950 Boston Red Sox     .302

19.  Which is the last team with an ERA under 3.00?
    a. 1992 Atlanta Braves
    b. 1989 Los Angeles Dodgers
    c. 1988 Montreal Expos
    d. 1981 Houston Astros

1989 Los Angeles Dodgers 2.95

20.  In what year did the Chicago Cubs last win the NL pennant?
    a. 1984
    b. 1945
    c. 1938
    d. 1908


Bonus:  What was the last year in which all World Series games were scheduled  during the daytime?



Alphabetical Home Run Leaders


Alphabetical Home Run Leaders

by Dan Walsh

(Presented at chapter meeting on March 20, 2014)


Name the career home run leader for players whose last name begins with …

(Move the mouse over the blank space to see the answer)

Hank Aaron 755

B Barry Bonds 762
C Jose Canseco 462


Carlos Delgado 473
E Darrell Evans 414
F Jimmy Foxx 534
G Ken Griffey, Jr. 630
H Frank Howard 382
I Raul Ibanez 300
J Reggie Jackson 563


Harmon Killebrew 573
Carlos Lee 358
Willie Mays 660


Graig Nettles 390
Mel Ott 511


Rafael Palmeiro 569


Carlos Quentin 150


Babe Ruth 714


Sammy Sosa 609


Jim Thome 612


Dan Uggla 231


Greg Vaughn 355


Ted Williams 521


no players
Carl Yastrzemski 452


Todd Zeile 253

Tie breaker

Name the player who hit the most home runs, 

and is not included on the above list.

He is ranked #5 on the all-time list.

Alex Rodriguez 654



Based on home run totals through 2013 season