Meeting History

112/9/2003County Line5Initial Meeting
11/20/2004Scholz Garden6Evening Meeting
22/9/2004Dell Diamond3Astros Caravan
14/27/2004County Line4
17/21/2004County Line3
110/27/2004County Line6
112/7/2004County Line7
21/12/2005County Line3
24/12/2005County Line5
35/24/2005County Line5
46/16/2005Dell Diamond12Meeting and Express Game
57/6/2005County Line5
111/8/2005County Line7
212/13/2005County Line10
31/10/2006County Line9Signed Petition for Chapter Recognition.
42/14/2006County Line4
53/7/2006Scholz Garden7Evening Meeting
64/11/2006Scholz Garden6Evening Meeting on Back Patio.
75/9/2006Siena7County Line Was Closed
86/24/2006Dell Diamond22Research Presentations and Game.
97/18/2006County Line10
108/8/2006County Line5Larson, Baker, Goehrs, Siegel, Cely.
119/12/2006Scholz Garden12
1210/24/2006Scholz Garden9Watched World Series. Trivia.
112/12/2006Scholz Garden14Planned January Meeting.
21/20/2007Texas State Univ.341st Winter Meeting.ÿ Al LaMacchia (long time major league scout), Carl Scheib (former major league pitcher).
32/15/2007Scholz Garden11
43/29/2007Scholz Garden8
54/19/2007Scholz Garden10
65/17/2007Scholz Garden10
76/23/2007Dell Diamond21Meeting and Express Game
87/12/2007Scholz Garden11Meeting to watch All-Star Game
98/28/2007Dell Diamond14Express Game
109/18/2007Scholz Garden12Two trivia contests.
1110/16/2007Scholz Garden5World Series Quiz
1211/13/2007The Tavern14Gold Glove & Connie Mack Quizzes, HoF Ballot for Mgrs & Execs.
1312/11/2007The Tavern15Christmas Quiz, HoF Ballot for Players
141/19/2008Texas State Univ.312nd Annual Winter Meeting.ÿ Gene Watson (Royals scout), Chris Young (minor league pitcher), Mike Capps (Round Rock Express broadcaster) and Ty Harrington (Texas State University baseball coach).
152/26/2008The Tavern14Dan Walsh Quiz
163/27/2008The Tavern8Predictatron
174/29/2008Third Base12New Venue
185/17/2008Dell Diamond12Round Rock Express Game
196/17/2008Third Base8Cleveland Indians Trivia Quiz won by Jan Larson
207/18/2008Third Base11World Series Trivia Quiz won by Brian Rogers
218/12/2008Third Base8Kansas City Trivia Baseball Quiz won by Dan Walsh
229/30/2008Third Base9Baltimore Baseball Trivia Quiz won by Jan Larson
2310/21/2008Third Base9St. Louis Baseball Trivia Quiz won by Jim Baker. HoF Veterans Comm. Ballot
2411/20/2008Third Base11Wancho Trivia Quiz won by Jan Larson
2512/16/2008Third Base10Gilbert Trivia Quiz won by Jim Baker
261/17/2009Texas State Univ.353rd Annual Winter Meeting. Larry Dierker, Talmage Boston, Milton Jamail, Mike Capps.
272/17/2009Third Base11Jim Baker quiz on Black History Month. Won by Bill Gilbert.
283/10/2009Third Base9Jan Larson quiz on famous homers and infamous pitchers. Won by Cy Morong.
294/20/2009Third Base11Dan Walsh quiz on ballparks. Won by Jim Baker.
305/18/2009Third BaseMonte Cely quiz on St. Louis Browns.
316/20/2009Dell Diamond12Pre-game dinner at Salt Lick restaurant.ÿ Round Rock Express vs. New Orleans Zephyrs game at Dell Diamond : RR - 5, NO - 4 (11).
327/20/2009Third Base10Tom Wancho quiz on strange injuries.ÿ Won by Brian Rogers.
338/25/2009Third Base6Dan Walsh quiz on player nicknames won by Bill Gilbert.
349/17/2009Third Base10Bill Gilbert quiz on current AL franchise leaders in hits and homeruns won by Dan Walsh.
3510/10/2009Gilbert Martinez's house8Playoff Watch Party and Cookout; Dodgers swept the Cardinals in NLDS; Rockies-Phillies Game 3 postponed due to snow; no quiz
3611/19/2009Third Base8Michael Bass quiz on the decade of the 1960s won by Dan Walsh.
3712/17/2009Third Base11Jim Baker football-baseball quiz won by Norman Macht.
381/16/2010Texas State University344th Annual Winter Meeting; Bill Brown, Scott Barzilla, Fred Worth, Gene Watson, Jim Baker, Mike Capps and Norman Macht.
--1/30/2010Chuck Kaufman's house13SABR Day gathering
392/25/2010Cover 310Bill Gilbert 2009 season quiz won by Jan Larson
403/30/2010Cover 38Monte Cely Cy Young Award quiz won by Michael Bass
414/17/2010Dell Diamond10Dinner at Salt Lick Restaurant following by New Orleans Zephyrs at Round Rock Express game at Dell Diamond.ÿ NO - 5, RR - 4.
425/19/2010Cover 39Jim Baker quiz, 30 Teams/30 Questions, won by Cy Morong
436/29/2010Third Base14Dan Walsh quiz, College Baseball and the College World Series, won by Bill Gilbert
447/24/2010Dell Diamond16Dinner at the Salt Lick followed by a Round Round Express loss in 13 innings, 4-2, to the Iowa Cubs. Carlos Zambrano of the Cubs pitched two scoreless innings in a rehab assignment.
458/24/2010Third Base10Dinner at Third Base, no quiz
469/28/2010Third Base7Discussions about pennant races, MVPÿand Cy Young candidates.ÿ Also some "SABR-talk" about "reversion to mean"ÿand FIP.ÿ No quiz.
4710/16/2010Gilbert Martinez's house13Playoffs Watch Party and Cookout. Rangers beat the Yankees in Game 2 of the ALCS and the Giants topped the Phillies in Game 1 of the NLCS.
4811/18/2010Third Base1248th consecutive meeting, Jim Baker wins Cy Young prognostication poll, Ira Siegel wins Jan Larson's trivia quiz (using last name, name one player for each letter of the alphabet in 10 minutes).
4912/16/2010Third Base1149th consecutive month with a meeting; Cy Morong wins Bill Gilbert's trivia quiz on the 2010 season.
501/15/2011Texas State University30Fifth annual Winter Meeting and 50th consecutive monthly meeting.ÿ Bill Brown and Jerry Grote as featured speakers.ÿ Also, Norman Macht, Craig Budner, Steve Fall and Mike Capps.
--1/29/2011Jan Larson's house12SABRÿDay.ÿÿWatched "Fieldÿof Dreams" and "The Natural."ÿ Craig Lukshin distributed unopened sets of 1987 Topps baseball cards.
512/17/2011Third Base11Monte Cely quiz on Caribbean World Series won by Norman Macht.
523/22/2011Iron Works BBQ12New location at Iron Works went well. No quiz.
534/19/2011Iron Works BBQ12Michael Bass presented quiz written by George Will, won by Bill Gilbert on his return from the disabled list.
--04/30/11 - 05/01/11Whataburger Field12Hornsby and Dierker chapter members enjoyed the "owner's experience" courtesy of the Corpus Christi Hooks; we attended the Saturday night and Sunday afternoon games
545/17/2011Iron Works BBQ9General discussion:ÿ Harmon Killebrew passing, top Dominican pitchers, Astros franchise sale, hot start by The Tribe.ÿ This marks the 54th consecutive monthly meeting for the chapter.
556/25/2011Dell Diamond15Dinner at Salt Lick followed by ball game.ÿ General discussion.ÿ Express win 4-3 with a run in the bottom of the ninth.
567/19/2011Iron Works BBQ14Dinner and a Bill Gilbert quiz about home run and pitching leaders, won by Dan Walsh. 56th consecutive month the chapter has met.
578/8/2011Dell Diamond2157th consecutive monthly meeting. Tacoma Rainers over the Round Rock Express, 8-7.
589/24/2011"Moneyball" and Hyde Park Bar & Grill15Viewing of "Moneyball," followed by dinner at Hyde Park Bar & Grill. Brian McNulty, production manager, spoke and answered questions about movie making
5910/22/2011Jim Baker's house8Viewing of World Series Game 3 between the Cardinals and Rangers.
6011/17/2011Iron Works BBQ15Discussion included 2011 World Series, post-season awards, sale of Astros and their move to the American League.ÿ Bill Gilbert presented a trivia quiz on the 2011 season.
6112/15/2011Iron Works BBQ11Items discussed included Albert Pujols signing by Angels, new Astros' GM JeffÿLuhnow's first trade, Ryan Braun's suspension and various other off-season topics.ÿ Jan Larson presented a quiz on free agency.
62ÿ01/14/12ÿTexas Stateÿ28Sixth Annual Winter Meeting; speakers included Branch Rickey III, president of the Pacific Coast League, Frank Coffland, retired minor league umpire, Mike Capps, Round Rock Express broadcaster, Norman Macht, former SABR board member and Connie Mack biographer, and Scott Barzilla, author and sabermetrician
--1/28/2012Gilbert and Raeanne Martinez's house13Third Annual SABR Day celebration; potluck dinner, MLB Network videos, electronic and board baseball game demonstrations
632/16/2012Iron Works BBQ15Discussion items:ÿ Pending trades, Gary Carter death, arbitration completed, Serie del Caribe.ÿ Monte Cely presented a quiz on Latin American baseball.
643/20/2012Iron Works BBQ11Norman Macht signed copies of his newly published second volume about Connie Mack, and we discussed whether clutch hitting can be proven. Dan Walsh presented a Ron Santo-themed quiz, which was won by Jim Baker.
654/17/2012Iron Works BBQ7A relatively small group discussed baseball topics of the day.
665/15/2012Iron Works BBQ8Topics included BABIP, early season surprises/disappointments, Bryce Harper.
676/16/2012Dell Diamond16Armando Gallaraga and the Oklahoma City RedHawks top the Round Round Express, 8-5.
687/12/2012Iron Works BBQ15Topics included the first half of the season, the All-Star Game and expectations for the second half. Bill Gilbert won Jim Baker's quiz on perfect games. 68th consecutive month the chapter has met.
--08/11/12 - 08/12/12Minute Maid Park10Road trip to Houston to see pair of Brewers - Astros games.
698/23/2012Iron Works BBQ142013 Winter Meeting agenda, Stephen Strasburg, 2012 Wild Card format included among discussion topics.ÿ Bill Gilbert quiz on all-time pitching wins leader per franchise won by Jan Larson.
709/20/2012Iron Works BBQ11Upcoming playoffs, Orioles, Astros' manager search, many other current topics.ÿ Jim Baker quiz on 50 years of Mets' history, won by Jan Larson.ÿ Discussed date for playoff watch party next month.
7110/27/2012Jim Baker's house9Viewing of the World Series Game 3 between the Giants and the Tigers.
7211/13/2012Iron Works BBQ8Marlins-Blue Jays pending trade, Managers of the Year Awards, Silver Slugger Awards; Jan Larson quiz on prominient baseball plays throughout history, won by Tom Thayer, 72nd consecutive month the chapter has met.
7312/20/2012Iron Works BBQ6Various off-season topics and Winter Meeting were discussed.ÿ Monte Cely provided assortment of desserts.
741/12/2013Texas State517th Annual Winter Meeting featured Astros broadcaster Bill Brown, Round Rock Express broadcaster Mike Capps, Texas League President Tom Kayser, Bob Tholkes of the Halsey Hall Chapter (Minnesota), Aaron Baggett of the University of Mary Hardin Baylor, Bob Dorrill of the Larry Dierker Chapter and author and former SABR board member Norman Macht.ÿ This meeting marked the 74th consecutive month the chapter has met.
--1/26/2013Macaroni Grill7Small but enthuastic group celebrates SABRÿDay with lunch gathering.
752/21/2013Iron Works BBQ13Good crowd anticipating the start of the baseball season
763/19/2013Iron Works BBQ11Discussions included World Baseball Classic, Predictatron 2013, 2004 Red Sox, Astros 2013 outlook.
774/16/2013Gilbert home in Lakeway9Great food!ÿ Topics included recent Rickey/Robinson movie 42, early MLB team performance, and Astros TV contract and other issues.
785/16/2013Iron Works BBQ6Topics included SABR 44 planning, Reid Ryan assuming role as Astros team president.
796/13/2013Iron Works BBQ13Discussions included early season surprising performances, ARI-LAD brawl, Bill Gilbert homerun quiz.
807/20/2013Dell Diamond30Group included 13 members of ?Universal Baseball Association.? Express defeated Iowa 5-2.
818/24/2013Dell Diamond10Express lose to Oklahoma City, 6-3.
829/19/2013Iron Works BBQ12Topics included Red Sox, Rangers, Dodgers. Gilbert Martinez quiz.
8310/26/2013Jim Baker?s house9World Series watch party. St. Louis defeated Boston, 5-4 in Game Three. Bill Gilbert quiz.
8411/3/2013Serrano?s10Farewell lunch for Norman Macht. Norman Macht quiz.
--11/19/2013Iron Works BBQ8Discussion included forfeited games.
8512/17/2013Iron Works BBQn/aNo summary available.
861/11/2014Texas State University55Eighth annual Winter Meeting. Speakers Eddie Robinson, Matt Kata, Bob Dorrill, Mike Capps, Jan Larson, Chuck Kaufman, Jim Baker.
872/23/2014Gilbert home in Lakeway17Spring training, free-agent and international signings, instant replay, Monte Cely quiz won by Dan Walsh.
883/20/2014Iron Works BBQ8Opening day in Australia, new rules on replay and appeals, favorites to win pennants. Dan Walsh quiz won by Tom Thayer.
894/17/2014Iron Works BBQ9Topics: New replay rule, Pythagorean winning percentage, fast starts by Brewers and Diamondbacks and managers never on the hot seat.
905/3/2014Dell Diamond11Pre-game BBQ at Salt Lick, Express lose to New Orleans, 5-1.
916/26/2014Iron Works BBQ10Lincecum no-hitter, 2014 Cy Young contenders. Bill Gilbert quiz.
927/20/2014Dell Diamond17Watched game from suite, pre-game meal in Intel Club. Round Rock defeated Iowa, 4-3 in 12 innings.
--07/30/14-8/3/14Houston15SABR 44 convention.
938/26/2014Iron Works BBQ10Discussion of Gary McIntosh?s fantasy league, Jose Altuve and Mike McNulty?s recent trip to Cooperstown. Dan Walsh quiz won by Jan Larson.
949/23/2014Iron Works BBQ11Larson/Martinez trip to Houston, Orioles, Dodgers and Astros seasons.
9510/25/2014Jim Baker?s house5Game Four of 2014 World Series.
9611/18/2014Iron Works BBQ9Topics included trade/free agent activity, World Series, Cy Young voting and Astros new TV deal.
9712/16/2014Iron Works BBQ8Cy Morong in attendance. Discussed recent signings by Red Sox, White Sox and Dodgers, upcoming Winter Meeting, Ted Williams. Dan Walsh quiz won by Jan Larson.
981/17/2015Texas State University35Ninth Winter Meeting. Headliners Wally Moon and Allyson Footer. Speakers Jim Baker, Bill Gilbert, Jim Kenton, Dan Walsh. First mock Hall-of-Fame vote.
--1/24/2015Macaroni Grill12SABR Day.
992/26/2015Iron Works BBQ10Topics included spring training, prospects for various teams? success. Update on Alzheimer?s project. Recap of Series del Caribe.
1003/21/2015Martinez house21Pizza and pot luck. Gilbert Martinez chapter history quiz won by Jan Larson.
1014/23/2015Iron Works BBQ9Optimism for Astros, replay rules, efforts to speed up games. Predictatron lottery. Alzheimer?s update.
1025/19/2015Iron Works BBQ9Astros hot start. Ryan Pollack and Bill Gilbert quizzes.
1036/6/2015Dell Diamond19Pre-game at Salt Lick. Express lose to Oklahoma City, 9-6. Six HRs, six errors in game.
1047/11/2015Macaroni Grill19First regularly scheduled weekend lunch meeting.
1058/23/2015Dell Diamond9Intel Club seats. Express defeat Salt Lake City, 4-3.
--9/19/2015Wacon/aInaugural Fall Forum. Headliner Lindy McDaniel. Speakers John Wood, Mark Presswood, Eric Robinson, Eugene Baker, Robert Gamboa, Gale McCray.
1069/27/2015Serrano?s8Possible playoff matchups. Gilbert Martinez quiz won by Jim Baker.
10710/17/2015Martinez house7Pot luck. Watched Royals 6, Blue Jays 3 in ALCS Game Two and Mets 4, Cubs 2 in NLCS Game One.
10811/14/2015County Line12Nine years of monthly meetings. Discussed Royals? post-season run. Jim Baker quiz won by Jan Larson.
10912/12/2015Macaroni Grill12Off-season dealings. Monte Cely brought cookies! Bill Gilbert quiz won by Jan Larson.
1101/9/2016Texas State University39Tenth Winter Meeting. Speakers Paul Rogers, Evan Drellich, Mike Capps, Kathleen Sullivan, Eric Robinson, Jim Kenton, Jim Baker. Second annual Hall-of-Fame mock vote.
--1/30/2016Macaroni Grill7SABR Day.
1112/20/2016Hoover?s15Anticipation of Spring Training. Ichiro 3000 hit chase. Astros? closer controversy. Monte Cely report on Serie del Caribe. Monte Cely quiz won by Jim Baker.
1123/19/2016Serrano?s10Topics include Adam LaRoche?s sudden retirement, Goose Gossage?s comments on sabermetrics/bat flipping, Bill Gilbert?s grandson pitching at LSU, new sliding rules.
1134/30/2016County Line6Discussion about Astros? slow start, Dee Gordon PED suspension, pros/cons of WAR. Predicatron division draft.
1145/22/2016Serranos9Discussed Rangers? announcement of new ballpark to be built, disappointing Astros, surprising Phillies.
1156/25/2016Dell Diamond18Pre-game at Salt Lick. Express lose to Colorado Springs, 8-5.
1167/31/2016Pollack house7Trade deadline moves, Ichiro's quest for 3000, general enjoyment of the game
1178/20/16Macaroni Grill11Baker quiz on Italian Major Leaguers (won by Tom Thayer).
1189/24/16Dell Diamond14Mexican Baseball Fiesta.
11910/29/16Jim Baker's House13World Series Game Four watch party. Indians 7, Cubs 2.
12011/13/16Stiles Switch BBQ13120 consecutive months with a meeting; Jan Larson awarded with certificate for 2016 Predicatron win
12112/17/16Serranos11Hot stove trade discussion, Bill Gilbert's Astros and 2016 season trivia quiz
1221/14/17Texas State University39Dr. Bobby Brown, Mark Saccomanno, Mike Capps, Bo Carter, Sara Kirby Burke, Hall of Fame vote, Predict-O-Rama
--1/28/17Macaroni Grill (Arboretum)13Eighth Annual SABR Day
1232/18/17County Line14Upcoming season, Serie del Caribe wrap-up and quiz (won by Jan Larson) by Monte Cely
1243/18/17Third Base12World Baseball Classic, Spring Training, trivia quiz won by Jim Baker
1254/22/17Serranos11Start of new season, Dan Walsh's BJR 2016 quiz won by Bill Gilbert
1265/6/17Dell Diamond13Express lose 5-1 to Dodgers, first Dell Diamond outing of 2017
1276/3/17Dell Diamond14 at Salt Lick; 12 at Dell DiamondPregame dinner at Salt Lick, Jim Baker quiz on current MLB managers, Express beat New Orleans Baby Cakes, 4-2
1287/22/17Macaroni Grill (Arboretum)14Bill Gilbert quiz on the Hall of Fame, won by Tom Thayer
1298/26/17Serranos (southwest)10Shared personal nicknames in honor of MLB Players Weekend; Anne Keene's first meeting; Dan Walsh baseball-themed crossword puzzle
1309/10/17Macaroni Grill (Arboretum10Discussed Indians' winning streak, Dodgers' losing streak, and Astros on the verge of getting swept by last-place A's
13110/25/17Jim Baker's house12World Series Game 4, Dodgers over Astros 6-2, evening series at two apiece; score prediction won by Jerry Miller
13211/18/17County Line (on the lake)14Monte Cely's Cuban Baseball History quiz, won by Dan Walsh
13312/9/17Serranos (southwest)10Linda Cely's homemade treats, Gary McIntosh's discussion of the Great American Fantasty