Rogers Hornsby Chapter Annual Report for 2006

The Rogers Hornsby Chapter, serving Central and South Texas, was officially recognized as a SABR chapter early in 2006. The Chapter held 11 meetings in 2006. Ten were lunch or dinner meetings, held on a monthly basis, with an average attendance of eight people. In addition to a lot of baseball talk, these meetings allowed members to discuss areas of their research and were also used to plan chapter activities. Members are encouraged to bring guests to these meetings and some new active members have been added as a result.

The biggest meeting of the year was at Dell Diamond, the home of the Triple-A Round Rock Express. This was a Saturday afternoon meeting in June that featured three research presentations and an appearance by former Round Rock pitcher, Denny McDaniel, talking about his professional career. There were 22 people in attendance who attended the game that night as a group.

The Chapter has undertaken a project to identify and commemorate former major league spring training sites in Texas. Norman Macht and Tom Wancho are co-leaders of this project which will also involve the other 3 SABR chapters in Texas.

The first annual winter meeting of the chapter was held in January 2007 on the campus of Texas State University in San Marcos. Thirty four people were in attendance at the meeting which included 4 research presentations by Chapter members and guest appearances by former major league pitcher, Carl Scheib, former player and scout, Al LaMacchia, Texas League President, Tom Kayser and San Antonio sportswriter, David King.

The chapter has continued the monthly meetings this year and plans to have another get-together in connection with a ball game in the summer. The Winter Meeting is also expected to be an annual affair.

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