St. Louis Browns Quiz

"First in Booze, First in Shoes, & Last in the American League"

The St. Louis Browns (1902 – 1953)

(presented May 2009)

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The St. Louis Browns opened American League play in 1902. They were previously which franchise?                                                                             
St. Louis Brown Stockings            
Milwaukee Brewers                                   
St. Louis Stars                               
St. Louis Maroons

Milwaukee Brewers


As part of the "baseball wars" settlement in late 1915, Federal League owners were allowed to purchase AL and NL franchises (the Browns and the Cubs).  What were the names of the now-defunct Federal League teams in St. Louis and Chicago?

What is the Chicago Federal League Park now called?

St.L Terriers, Chicago Whales

Wrigley Field


1922 was the Browns’ winning-est year ever.  They won 93 games and finished one game behind the Yankees.  Which Brownie led in:

AL Home Runs (39) and RBI (155)

AL Stolen Bases (51)

AL Batting Average (.420)

AL Strikeouts (pitching) (149)


 Ken Williams

George Sisler

George Sisler

Urban Shocker

4. This Brownie was baseball’s first "30-30 man" (home runs and steals).  Ken Williams
5. The Browns had a press conference scheduled for Monday, December 8, 1941 at the AL meetings in Chicago.  The attack on Pearl Harbor on Sunday cancelled their plans.  What were they going to announce? The team was to move to Los Angeles in 1942

Who was the skipper of the pennant-winning 1944 Browns?

Luke Sewell
7. In addition to the city of St. Louis and Sportsman’s Park, the Browns’ and Cardinals’ managers shared something else in common, and it caused some logistical headaches during the 1944 World Series.  What was it? they shared the same apartment

This Brownie led the AL in RBI in 1944

Vern Stephens

It took two home runs by this Brownie outfielder to clinch the AL pennant on the last day of the 1944 season.  Was he: 

Chet Laabs        Don Gutteridge 

Mike Kreevich    Frank Mancuso

Chet Laabs

These two pitchers have the distinction of being the only hurlers ever to record World Series wins for the Browns.  Who were they (pick two)

Denny Galehouse      Nelson Potter               Jack Kramer

Sig Jakucki                Boots Hollingsworth     Bob Muncrief 

Denny Galehouse

Jack Kramer

11. This Browns player was one of two blacks to break the St. Louis major league color barrier in 1947.  He later played in the first all-black major league outfield for the NY Giants, along with Monte Irvin and Willie Mays. Hank Thompson
12. This St. Louis native went to high school with my (Monte Cely’s) Mom and was AL Rookie of the Year in 1949 with the Browns. Roy Sievers

This Brownie infielder gained much greater fame as a television star.  Was he: 

Chuck Connors    Mark Christman   Johnny Berardino  Chuck Stevens

Johnny Berardino
14.  The Browns played in the AL for 52 seasons.  How many times did they finish in the first division?     8     12     16     18  12
15.  How many times did they finish last?    6     8     10     12  10
16.  Browns’ superstar George Sisler held the modern record for most hits in a season (257).  This record was recently broken by Ichiro.  What year did Sisler set this record?  1920

 In 1921, the Browns’ three outfielders combined for one of the highest composite outfield batting averages in baseball history (.351).  Who were they (pick three):

Cedric Durst     Baby Doll Jacobsen     Chick Shorten

Ken Williams    Jack Tobin                    Wally Gerber




18.  This Texas League star and Browns pitcher later won the 1958 Cy Young Award.  Bob Turley
19.  For whom did midget Eddie Gaedel pinch-hit?  After Gaedel walked, who pinch ran?

 Frank Saucier

Jim Delsing

20.  Who was the first Browns player to enter the Hall of Fame?  Who was the last?

 George Sisler

Satchel Paige or Willard Brown (Paige played the latest for the Browns (1953), W. Brown was inducted the latest in 2006)


 Tie Breaker:  What position did each of these Brownies play on the 1944 AL champs?

Don Gutteridge     Frank Mancuso     Mark Christman

Mike Kreevich      Chet Laabs            Vern Stephens

George McQuinn     Al Zarilla

 Gutteridge-2B, Mancuso-C,  Christman-3B, Kreevich-OF,   Laabs-OF,  Stephens-SS, McQuinn-1B,   Zarilla-OF



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