Cy Young Award

1. What does the nickname "Cy" in Cy Young’s name stand for? Cyclone

What was the first year that the Cy Young was awarded?

3. Who won the first Cy Young in the National League? Don Newcombe

Who won the first Cy Young in the American League?

Bob Turley

Who was the first reliever to ever be named on a Cy Young Award ballot?

Lindy McDaniel

Who was the first expansion team pitcher to win a Cy Young?  What was the year?

Dean Chance in 1964

These two Cy Young winners simultaneously captured their leagues’ MVP awards, and they both did it in the same season.  Name them.  What was the year?

Bob Gibson & Denny McLain in 1968

8. When these two pitchers tied for the 1969 AL Cy Young Award, they caused a change in the Baseball Writers’ voting procedures.  Name them. Mike Cuellar & Denny McLain
9. 1974 marked the first Cy Young win by a relief pitcher.  Who was he? Mike Marshall
10. This Cy Young Award winner also was Rookie of the Year in the same season. Fernando Valenzuela
11. In 1984, for the first and only time, relievers placed first and second in the Cy Young voting.  Name this pair of relief aces.
Willie Hernandez and Dan Quisenberry
12. Who was the first Astro to win the Cy Young Award? Mike Scott

Name the first pitcher to win four Cy Youngs in the same decade.

Greg Maddux in 1992-95.
14. Who was the last reliever to win a Cy Young? Eric Gagne in 2003.

Who was the first pitcher to win back-to-back Cy Young Awards?

Sandy Koufax in 1965-66.

Match the pitcher to the number of Cy Young Awards they’ve won:

Roger Clemens, Sandy Koufax, Randy Johnson, Steve Carlton

4, 7, 3, 5

Clemens – 7

Koufax – 3

Johnson – 5

Carlton – 4

17. Name the only Cy Young winner who also won a Rookie of the Year Award and an MVP (not all in the same season)

Don Newcombe — Rookie of Year 1949 & CY and MVP 1956

18. Name all nine relievers who have won a Cy Young Award Mike Marshall, Sparky Lyle, Bruce Sutter, Rollie Fingers, Willie Hernandez, Steve Bedrosian, Mark Davis, Dennis Eckersley, Eric Gagne

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