Know Your Free Agents

Know Your Free Agents

(presented at the monthly meeting on Dec. 15, 2011)

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1. Who were the two players that played without contracts in 1975 and then were declared free agents by an arbiter before the 1976 season thereby opening the door to free agency as we know it?
Andy Messersmith
Dave McNally
2. Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson signed as a free agent with three different clubs during his career.  Name the team that Jackson played for in the season before his first free agent contract and the three clubs with which he signed free agent contracts.

1. Orioles
2. Yankees, Angels, A’s


Name the club that each of the following players played for before they signed free agent contracts with their current club (or 2011 club if player is currently an unsigned free agent):

a. David Ortiz

b. Mark Teixeira

c. Albert Pujols

d. Victor Martinez

e. Omar Vizquel

f. Alfonso Soriano

g. Aubrey Huff

h. Juan Uribe

i. Raul Ibanez

j. Lance Berkman

a. Twins

b. Angels

c. Cardinals

d. Red Sox

e. Rangers

f. Nationals

g. Tigers

h. Giants

i. Mariners

j. Yankees


Which player was major league baseball’s first free agent?

Catfish Hunter  

Which club did the player in question no. 4 leave and which club did he join?

A’s, Yankees
6. How many free agent contracts did Randy Johnson sign in his career?  With which clubs did he sign free agent contracts?
Two.  Diamondbacks, Giants.
7. Rickey Henderson signed a total of nine free agent contracts in his career.  Name the clubs with which he signed those contracts.
A’s, A’s, Padres, A’s, Mets, Mariners, Padres, Red Sox, Dodgers


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