100th Consecutive Month with a Meeting Quiz

100th Consecutive Month with a Meeting Quiz

by Gilbert D. Martinez

Presented at chapter meeting March 21, 2015

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  I. Chapter questions

1. In what year did Bill Gilbert have an initial meeting in Austin in the hopes of creating a new SABR chapter? 2003

In what year did participants sign a petition asking for SABR recognition, thereby creating the Rogers Hornsby Chapter?

3. Many of our monthly meetings have occurred at a restaurant. Name as many of these restaurants as you can (each worth one point).

County Line

Cover 3

Hyde Park Bar and Grill

Iron Works BBQ

Macaroni Grill

Restaurant at the Dell Diamond

Salt Lick

Scholz Garten



The Tavern

Third Base


We have also had meetings at non-restaurant locations. Name as many of these as you can (each worth one point).

Dell Diamond

Jim Baker’s house

Bill and Evelyn Gilbert’s home in Lakeway

Chuck Kaufman’s house

Jan and Connie Larson’s house

Gilbert and Raeanne Martinez’s house

Minute Maid Park

Texas State University/Old Main

Whataburger Field

  II. Member questions

Name the Hornsby Chapter member that has covered the last five consecutive La Serie del Caribe (Caribbean World Series). Bonus question – Which team won the 2015 contest?

Monte Cely — Cuba


On Aug. 17, 1976, this Hornsby Chapter member watched a player steal home to win a game in extra innings. This kicked off a research project and later, a presentation by which Hornsby member? Bonus question: Which player stole home in that game in 1976?

Jan Larson – George Brett


This former Hornsby Chapter member is nearly done with his three-volume biography of Connie Mack. Yeah, I know you know who this is, so name him! Two bonus questions – 1) Name the publisher of the three-part biography, and 2) Name the university that is now housing all the archival material collected for this biography.

Norman Macht – University of Nebraska — SMU


The Hornsby Chapter has the Rajah Award for lifetime achievement and service to the chapter. Thus far, only one person has received it. Who?

Bill Gilbert


II. Speaker questions —

In the following questions, name the speakers who have visited us at our annual Winter Meetings.


I was the Houston Astros’ first 20-game winner, a two-time National League All-Star, and a National League Manager of the Year. Who am I?

Larry Dierker


I am the director of professional scouting for the Kansas City Royals and played college baseball with the University of Texas at Arlington. Who am I?

Gene Watson


I am a former broadcast journalist who covered the first Persian Gulf War and the siege in Waco, but am now the director of broadcasting for the Round Rock Express. Who am I?

Mike Capps


I was a former professional baseball scout credited with scouting players such as Dale Murphy, George Bell, Cito Gaston and David Wells. Who am I?

Al LaMacchia


I am the president of the Pacific Coast League and grandson of the man who signed Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Who am I?

Branch B. Rickey


I am the longtime Houston Astros television broadcaster and member of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Who am I?

Bill Brown


I was a member of the 1948 World Series Champion Cleveland Indians, a scout, general manager, and head of player development for the Houston Colt .45s. Who am I?

Eddie Robinson


I won a World Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers three times and once had a devoted fan name her parakeet after me. Who am I?

Wally Moon


I covered the playoff runs of the Houston Astros in 2004 and 2005 and had, perhaps, the last Budweiser beer at Busch Stadium II. Who am I?

Alyson Footer


Tie-Breaker Question: Most SABR chapters are in the United States, but there are a few that are international chapters. Name these international chapters (country or city in which the chapter is based).

Toronto, Canada

Quebec, Canada

Great Britain

Sorrento, Italy

Tokyo, Japan

South Korea

The Luis Castro/Latin America Chapter serves Spanish-speaking SABR members in all Central and South America countries and the Caribbean, including Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Panamá and Nicaragua.





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