BasebALZ Season 6 Wrap-up

Season Six of the BasebALZ program wrapped up on July 10 at the Alzheimer’s Texas offices in Austin.  This “season” marked over two years that the Rogers Hornsby Chapter of SABR has been offering this program for those dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.

We opened the season on May 8 with a record attendance of 13 participants and caregivers, plus nine volunteers:

Over the course of the six bi-weekly sessions, we presented and discussed topics targeted to the interests and memories of our participants.  These included:

Recalling if anyone once used a slide-rule:

Talked about the world’s most valuable baseball card:

Sang some polkas:

Played “Stump the Experts”, where one of our participants presented a short bio of a ballplayer to see if our volunteers could determine who it was.  This became a regular feature of each meeting:

Talked about a trip to “The Field of Dreams” in Iowa:

We recognized our program leader, Jim Kenton, with the presentation of an honorary “Doctor of Baseball Reminiscence” diploma:

Chapter member Dan Walsh wrapped up the closing session with a vote for the “All Star Team of the 1960s”:

A good time was had by all:

After a short summer break, Austin-based BasebALZ will start up again in September.  In the meantime, our volunteers continue to make a monthly visit to the Veteran’s Administration in Kerrville to present BasebALZ there.

More information on the BasebALZ program is here.


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