Members endure wet conditions, avoid rain out for August meeting

Ten chapter members braved steady rainfall from Hurricane Harvey to enjoy a Tex-Mex lunch and talk baseball on Saturday, Aug. 26.

In keeping with the MLB Players Weekend in which teams featured Little League-inspired alternate team jerseys with players’ nicknames, we proclaimed what nicknames we’d have on our team jerseys.

Like the players, most of our nicknames have interesting back stories from childhood, school and work experiences. Here’s a list of the nicknames we shared at the meeting: Jan (RAM Man); Bill (Stat Man); Ira (Bird); Dan (Dan-o); Ryan (Ryry); Mike (Pickle); Raeanne (Red); Jim (Bakes); Anne (Boo); and Gilbert (Mad Dog).

For some members (such as Ira Siegel, Mike Dillon and Jim Baker), their nicknames derived from their last names. Others were plays on first names or other characteristics.

Many thanks to Dan Walsh for sharing a baseball-themed crossword puzzle that he created. Fifty-seven of 132 clues are baseball related (marked on the clues in bold and italics). See below to download the puzzle.

The group also welcomed a new SABR member who attended her first Hornsby Chapter and SABR meeting, Anne Keene. She shared with us that her father, Jim Raugh, played minor league ball and trained with the Detroit Tigers from 1957 to 1960 and with the Minnesota Twins in 1961. She’s also shared a photo of her dad when he was a ballboy for a Navy team that Ted Williams played on in the 1940s. Accordingly, Anne said she is working on a book and is most interested in World War II-era ballplayers. The chapter is hoping to have Anne as a guest speaker at the Hornsby Chapter Winter Meeting in January 2018 (mark your calendars for Saturday, Jan. 13).

It was the 129th consecutive month that the chapter has met. Since December 2006, the chapter has met at least once a month, and sometimes, more than once.

We’ve not yet scheduled our September meeting, so watch for updates on the email list and Facebook page.

Dan Walsh baseball crossword puzzle

Please note that the download includes the puzzle and the answer key.

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