BasebALZ Resources

This page contains resources used for the BasebALZ reminiscence sessions.  Our normal BasebALZ “season” consists of six “sessions”, usually held on a bi-weekly schedule.  The resources listed here can be used by volunteers to preview upcoming sessions, by participants/caregivers to catch up on sessions they may have missed, or by other SABR chapters or volunteer groups as ideas for starting their own Alzheimer’s reminiscence programs.

Note:  when you click on one of the links below, the selected file will download onto your device.  Most of these files are either Word or PowerPoint documents.  When you open some of the files, you will get messages asking if you want to edit them and whether or not you want to enable access to external files (links to youtube videos and other media).  You should be safe in answering “yes” to both of these messages.

We’ve captured some thoughts about how to start a program in your community:

How to Start a Talking Baseball Program in Your Community

Prior to beginning a season, Alzheimer’s Texas conducts a training session for our volunteers.  This training includes an overview of dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as background and guidance on reminiscence therapy.  The training presentations are here:

Alzheimer’s Texas Alzheimer’s 101

Baseball Reminiscence Volunteer Training

DISCLAIMER:  All BasebALZ materials (linked below) have been created by volunteers for the sole purpose of providing reminiscence programming for participants with dementia and their caregivers.  As such, we make no representation as to the accuracy or ownership of any information used herein.  The availability of these materials is intended for non-profit/charitable purposes and is not to be used commercially.  All users are encouraged to exercise due diligence when using these materials.

An example schedule for an entire season is here:  BasebALZ Season Schedule

Session One resources are here:

Session One Agenda

The Year in Baseball 1955

A Day at the Ballpark.Getting Ready

Session Two resources are here:

Session Two Agenda

The Year in Baseball 1960

A Day at the Ballpark – Ballparks in Austin

Baseball Broadcasters

Session Three resources are here:

 Session Three Agenda

The Year in Baseball 1950

A Day at the Ballpark – Pregame Activities

1950 All Star Nicknames

Session Four resources are here:

Session Four Agenda

The Year in Baseball 1965

A Day at the Ballpark – Sights and Sounds

Major League Players from UT and A&M

Session Five resources are here:

Session Five Agenda

The Year in Baseball 1967

A Day at the Ballpark – Food and Drink

Session Six resources are here:

 Session Six Agenda

A Summer Day in the Life of a Little Leaguer

August 19 1951 Eddie Gaedel

A Day at the Ballpark Promotions

Additional presentations and other resources are here:

Link to Cardinals Reminiscence League

Link to Alzheimer Scotland Reminiscence Networks

Lessons Learned              BasebALZ promotional flyer

Houston Ballparks          Baseball Curses

Baseball at War v2

Baseball Movies              Memorabilia          Baseball Favorites

Players Celebrate Christmas          Never See Again in Baseball

Celebrities that played Baseball     Off Season Jobs

Baseball Stars 1950s TV  and supporting notes   Notes Baseball Stars 1950s TV

Baseball Pranks and Stunts  and notes Notes – Baseball Pranks and Stunts

Opening Day and notes Opening Day Notes

Baseball Oddities and notes Baseball Oddities Notes

Beer and Baseball and notes Beer and Baseball notes

Super Fans and notes Super Fans notes

 Baseball Mascots and notes Baseball Mascots notes

Italian-Americans in Baseball

ALL STARS of the 60’s

Famous Ballpark Features

Baseball Nicknames     Cheating in Baseball

Future HOFers     No Hitters

Unbreakable Records

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

The Worst Team in Baseball

Presentations about individual ball players:

Jackie Robinson

Ted Williams  and notes Ted Williams Notes

Sandy Koufax

We have some additional “Years in Baseball” that can be used as needed:

The Year in Baseball 1985     The Year in Baseball 1976

The Year in Baseball 1962     The Year in Baseball 1969

We created a series of presentations to get participants to talk about their favorite players at different positions.  Here they are:

Catchers                Pitchers

FirstBasemen       SecondBasemen

Outfielders           Shortstops

We don’t talk just about baseball.  Whatever topic might stir some pleasant memories among the participants is open for discussion.

Old Western Sidekicks          Old Stuff

1950s TV and Toys

“Playlists” of links to video and audio files that can supplement presentations:

1950 Playlist     1954 Playlist     1955 Playlist     1960 Playlist

1965 Playlist     1985 Playlist      Year in Baseball playlist